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Telaga Sarangan , East Java ,Indonesia.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

how do you travel?
is exciting?
if you ever travel to Indonesia?
if not then I suggest you to come to Indonesia if you have time.
Sarangan located on the border between East Java, Central Java, precisely in the western part Magetan, East Java. Sarangan situated on the slopes of Mount Lawu (3265 m) which has a natural beautiful mountains. We can make Sarangan as an alternative holiday if we go home village at the time of Eid or at times of school holidays. There are many interesting natural attractions that can be enjoyed here. This lake and its surroundings offer beautiful scenery
and fascinating for us to enjoy.
Sarangan scenery will spoil the eye, because we can see a vast lake and surrounding green mountains towering Mount Lawu. Coupled with a calm lake water and a mirror from the hills and mountains around it. Staring at a row of mountains and mountain here also make more sense of calm and peace coupled with the cool mountain air with temperatures around 18-23 degrees Celsius. Cool mountain air that we can enjoy because Sarangan located at an altitude of about 1000 meters above sea level.

In the lake water is available bike and boat. This can be a means for us who wish around the lake through the water. Or we can go around by a horse or wagon offered locals. Surely this can be fun. Or for those who want to exercise, we can surround this lake with walking or running. We will also encounter a pine forest on the slopes of the mountains around Sarangan. The atmosphere is cool and beautiful will definitely make the sport enjoyable.

After being around, we can order rabbit satay and rice cake that are offered around this lake. Sate that are rarely found in other areas is feasible for the trial, because the meat is soft and padded to make us addicted. The price offered Rp 7,000 / share, the price is quite affordable for our pockets. Other foods that can be enjoyed here is rice pecel. Sarangan area next door to City of Madison is famous for its spices and chilli pecel. Pecel becomes special because peanuts are delicious flavor plus various fried as a complement.

All around this lake, there are a lot of jasmine grade hotels which can be a place to stay. Competing hotel offers a less expensive price. We can stay in the room with 2 bedrooms, bathroom and living room with a price of about Rp 500,000, - for one night. Or there is only one room with a cheaper price. The inn also provides hot water for bathing and for drinking. Generally, two-story hotel is jasmine so that we can freely enjoy Sarangan with a broader perspective.
Once satisfied Sarangan tour, before heading back we can shop for souvenirs and souvenir of Sarangan. We can buy bags, t-shirts or other crafts which were the work of the surrounding community.
Sarangan beautiful is perfect for holidays with family. Enjoy your holiday in Sarangan, a beautiful natural attractions and fascinating.

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