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Danau Segara Anak ,Lombok,Indonesia.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


hey all! This time I will discuss a lake
If you've ever gone to the Mount Rinjani sure you've been to this lake

want to know what this lake.
Segara Anak lake, a lake formed in the caldera of Mount Rinjani 3775 meters above sea level altitude. This lake scenery is amazing and very beautiful so many external and domestic tourists to come and climb Mount Rinjani to see the beauty of Lake Segara Anak. Segara Anak lake which covers 1100 ha with a depth of 230 m and the topography is
2010 meters above sea level, the lake they will be a lot of fish life. Segara Anak lake there is a lot of carp and tilapia, so often used for fishing. In the middle of a lake formed in New Cone called the height of Mount New Finger 2376 masl. The mountain is the last erupted in 2004.
Ceremonies held every year in this lake by the public who are Hindu or Muslim Bali Sasak people. Balinese Hindu communities held twice a year ritual in this lake. Sasak people can travel several times a year. There is a white crow waterfalls and hot springs are also frequented by people for medicinal purposes.

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