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Gunung Balease,Sulawesi ,Indonesia.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

wooow had long since I no longer post the exam and my laptop sometimes drop to Malaz using my laptop but this time I want to give information about the mountain in Indonesia.
want to know what??
Balease mountain 2894 meters above sea level, located in the village of bone-bone Bantimurung Luwu northern South Sulawesi, many of the wrong idea about the height of this mountain there is a mention that the height of 3016 meters above sea level but one, which has a height Tolangilah the mountain is located in the mountains that stretched from the Bone Masamba-bone to the height of 2894 meters above sea level, but we must go through the mountain with an
altitude of 3016 masl Tolangi. In the mountains it's not just the two mountains, but there are four mountains are: Tolangi, Balease, Kabentonu, Rantekambola all approximately 3000 meters above sea level.

From Makassar to the Bone-bone costs about 100,000 in Bone-bone directly to the village caretaker Bantimurung meet: Pak nas, try from Makassar in the morning to arrive at the Bone-bone in the afternoon or evening, taxis are available from the market any time bone2 .

From the house of Mr nas, leaving around 8am, toward the jungle waterfall, fill the bag of water at least 3 liters max 5 liters, try to escape from the jungle around the doors at 11am and ngecamp in post 2

Of heading 2 heading 3 heading there if you're lucky there is a small stream of water, and try ngecamp in the post 4 or over, in order to target overtaken.

5 past the ridge of the post and try ngecamp Waruh Valley (pond moss) with any luck the water supply is abundant here but kadang2 dry.

The next day proceed to the summit and return home Baliase try ngecamp in post 5 or 4.

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