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Gunung Galunggung ,Indonesia.

Monday, March 26, 2012

hey my loyal readers
how your day?
hopefully fun
This time we take a walk to the mountain yea
Mount Galunggung a volcano stifle an capstone of 2167 meters big sea matching, located about 17 miles from downtown Tasikmalaya. Slick are several fall guy attractions on proposition number among a sufferer attraction and appeal wanawisata screen an area of?? approximately 120 hectares under management Perhutanioffice. Another object of approximately 3 hectares in the form of
hot water bath ( Cipanas ) complete with swimming pool, bathroom and hot tub water.

 Mount Galunggung have a Montane Forest 1200 - 1500 Forest Ericaceous meters and> 1, 500 meters.
 Most visitors are tourists attractions Galunggung locally, while tourists from foreign countries are still below a count of 100 people on average per year. On average, domestic and foreign tourists who visit the Mount Galunggung amounted to 213, 382 persons per year.

 Seeing the potential appeal that may be explored, as well as a strategic geographical position, and has the particularity of the landscape of Mount Galunggung tourism potential enough to be sold to foreign tourists. But tourism is not packaged in a professional package tours.

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