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Gunung Leuser ,North Sumatera ,Indonesia.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

hey all ....?
how your weekend? if you mengahabiskan time for the holidays?
ok hopefully your weekend fun
ok well this time I will post buntuk you who like to climb .. want to know what?
Mount Leuser national park located in the province of Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam and North Sumatra province and is a protected forest to be on guard and preserve. Specifically, Mount Leuser Kluit consist of Wildlife, Wildlife Gunung Leuser, KAPPI Wildlife Refuge, South Langkat Wildlife, Wildlife Sikundur, Lawe Gura Park, Parks and Tourism Sikundur protection forest and production forest.

Of terminal Pinang Line - Chennai, hikers can take a bus sized like Garuda, in addition to Kutacane Pinem or within 233 km, with take about - about 10-12 hours. In the course of the climbers will pass Kaban Brastagi and ginger. Kutacane is the capital of Aceh Tenggara. This area extends between the highway linking Banda Aceh with Bakingan, which stretches 508 km. Than through Medan, Kutacane can also be done through Banda Aceh with L-300 driving a Colt. Further increase of Kutacane local transportation (Loser, Marmas) Subject to the Village Angusan Blangkajeren, or can be chartered directly to the village of Kedah Penosan.

Now it has 4 channels which is the normal path, the path opened by Wanadri first. These lines take the start of the village of Kuta Long Kedah Penosan Southeast Aceh. Three other lines are on the ascent of Mount Leuser through the southern path. The third line is the path opened by the SMEs Peulumat Leuser Unsyiah PA in 1994, the grid spot starts from the village of Labuan Peulumat South Aceh District, which opened the path Vandayana Rica in 1990.

Planting lines failed and lost, because when the group crossed the Kerueng MeukekRika Vandayana which is also a member Wanadri. Some time back kemudain pathway is initiated by the team in 1995 Jeumpa daughter who took the start from the village of Jambo Papeun Meukek South Aceh district. The line was later named Princess Jeumpa path. and the path pioneered by members Manggeng combined Wanadri and Police Mobile Brigade in May 1994 via the South Aceh district Manggeng.

Of the Southeast Aceh Kedah track, mountain peaks seem intended not unlike other mountains in Java. Green Sinebuk is the last outpost of Bungalow is located at an altitude of 1555 masl. Vegetation in this area is an area of ​​forest plantations and the natural state herogen with a hilly plateau. Arriving in this area will be overrun by climbers guide to installing fare between Rp. 800 000 s / d Rp.1.000.000 per ascent. Around this area there are 7 ethnic populations that inhabit the surrounding Leuser Ecosystem Gayo, Aceh, Malays, Alas, Singkil, Karo and Pakpak. To get to the top of the mountain Leuser it takes 9-10 days depending on weather and physical condition of the climber. Thus the total return - go, climb takes about - about 14-16 days. to reach the top of the mountain must pass 7 pendai Leuser mountain again as its requirements.

The first forest conditions are met is still quite lush and mossy trails leading to very slippery road. because the forest cover in the area, rays mataharipu not emulate the ground so the humidity becomes immortal. According to locals, the area around it there is a "crossroads demon" which is an intersection toward illegal plantations "plantations leaves heaven" which is managed by the elements - certain elements. Allegedly Sumatran tigers still roam around this area. And along the way will be presented a view of animals - animals are rare. Towards Simpang Angkasan normal ascent takes 9-10 hours, and even then if the weather is friendly support.

Intersection ANGKASAN - Jambur
There Angkasan intersection disebuah mountains at an altitude of 1525 masl. Vegetation in the surrounding forest is a forest that has been heterogeneous and there terbakar.Banyak charred plant species of birds and beasts of prey (semar bag). Climbers are required to be vigilant in this area because there are branching paths is quite confusing. It is necessary for orientation and navigation is accurate and precise so that hikers can continue the journey to Jambur. Trajectory toward Jambur start nanjak and heavy with thick vegetation dominated by tree overhung rattan. It can take 2-3 hours to Jambur.

Jambur is a climbing post and a form of open land around there is standing water that can be used for culinary purposes for the climbers. To reach the summit Angkasan takes 3-4 hours to keep track uphill.

Angkasan peak at an altitude of 2891 masl. Here hikers can find several types of fauna. Reached by traveling there along a wooded ridge that is very dense. About the trip - takes about 2 - 2.5 hours with a path length of 3.4 km. JI'IT also commonly known intersection with the intersection 21. After the area is still sloping path. About 1 km later climbers will enter the forest area of ​​cinnamon. The next climber - should be completely re-determine the exact orientation of the field as much covered by a bush track. To get to the track Rhino climbers need to take it for 3.5 - 4 hours with the track uphill. hit by the flood, which resulted in the deaths

Rhino is the trajectory of the camp area is located near Bukit Perpanji. Usually climbers are here if you have entered a fifth day. After that the path towards Blangbeke very long ascent takes 8-10 hours. For that climbers are encouraged to hoard food logistics as a backup when down later.

After the area Blangbeke field conditions began to enter the heavily wooded areas and trees covered with thick moss. Vegatasi along the trajectory is extremely diverse ranging from hard and thick-trunked trees to shrubs and trees apada parasite that attaches such great. But along this path can not yet found edelweiss. After the area hikers will cross three small streams and very clear and cold, and a sizable stream with a cross-sectional area reaches 10 m, which is called the river Alas 2. about 3 hours later, climbers will arrive at Camp Rhino Fitness.

Named for a swimming rhinos wallowing this place often used by Rhino - Rhino Sumatra. Panorama rhinos around the pool is so beautiful when the weather is sunny. Because of its location is very open to allow climbers to watch in the area below. Also in this place there is also a pool of water that resembles a lake. A fairly open place with sufficient sunlight it took time to hang the climber can climb all the wet gear. After the pool area to be traversed terrain rhino climbing back uphill and down occasionally with beautiful views. Camp Bipak necessary to achieve the 5.5 - 6 hours.

Bipak cans is a post which is derived from bivoak or bivouac. This place is a small hilltop disebuah nameless, usually on day 7 climbers will arrive here. Leuser peak is not yet reveal himself. To get to bipak can take as long as 5-6 hours of climbing with a terrain that is almost the same as before, ie, up and down through the hills and valleys.

Named bipak diarea cans because there are remaining cans of food dropped from helicopters to the group that ran out of supplies. to get to the stone bipak only takes 30-45 minutes.

BIPAK STONE - savannas
Bipak called rock because in this place there are many scattered stones surrounded by bush vegetation and almost no trees. This area of ​​the peak of Mount Leuser is still not visible. After the area is gently sloping path and not so uphill. Amid climbing can be come across a small river that runs, the water is clear. To achieve the required time savannas 4 - 4.5 hours.

Savannas - TOP Loser
Grassland savannas is very wide and beautiful. This area can be used as a summit climber to attack the next day to the summit Loser. Trajectory to the top loser is not very uphill and it only takes 1.5 hours. Loser is the highest peak of the peak of Leuser. This peak has a height of 3404 meters above sea level, and just adjacent to the top of the mountain which is a series of Leuser Bukit Barisan which extends along the island of Sumatra.

Then the trip can be continued to the summit of the climb takes Leuser 5-6 hours, by passing some of the ridge. Arriving at the summit hikers can see the wonderful Leuser Gunung Leuser National Park is hilly - an area of ​​950 000 ha of undulating hills and dotted by distant waves on the south side of the pass between a light mist, who realize how little mankind than God's creation.

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