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Gunung Mahawu ,Sulawesi ,Indonesia.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

hy all??
how are you today?
I upadate overnight and luckily there are no customers to grow.
I am so much enthusiasm for the post.
this time we will talk about the mountain in Sulawesi.
want to know what kind of volcano?

Mount Mahawu is one of these mountains that flank the Tomohon, and on the other is Mount Lokon. Mahawu mountain is a volcano stratovolcano located in the east of the volcano Mount-Mount Lokon Empung in North Sulawesi.
Mount Mahawu has a width of 180 m and 140 m deep crater with two pyroclastic cones on the northern slope.
Explosion occurred in 1994 fumaroles and mud geyser activity that occurs along the crater lake of greenish color

Reach this location from Tomohon to Rurukan. Then walk along the path which Melawati garden vegetable garden and finally reach the summit (altitude 1324mdpl), after going through a beautiful forest and rinbun cone and crater area is overgrown with grass (altitude 1200 meters above sea level)

Enjoying the sun rises in the early morning that feels quiet and shrouded in thick fog that is very cold on the mountain top Mahawu are sometimes interspersed with freezing winds blow joints slowly disappear into the sky appeared blue and green shades of the trees that decorate the forest around the mountain Mahawu.

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