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Kota Sabang ,Aceh ,Indonesia.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

wooow after happy to talk about the Beach this time we will pause for posting on the beach so as not to get bored ..
This time we'll take a walk to the Aceh
want to know
City of Sabang is not just the land borders the western tip of Indonesia, but also a very beautiful island, the city is located on Pulau Weh [also called the island of Sabang], includes the islands Pulau Weh own Sabang, Pulau Rondo, Rubiah island, Pulau Klah, and Seulake island .. since the year 2011 Indonesia yesterday tourism department in cooperation with the unity of the world held a sports screen
international shipping activities called "Sabang International Regatta". international program is a means of tourism promotion Sabang city, the sea routes taken by the start of Phuket [Thailand], then to Lengkawi [Malaysia], and finish in Sabang [Indonesia]. Sabang International Regatta takes place every year. Sabang is situated in a strategic position as the region immediately adjacent to the three Asian countries are: Thailand, Malaysia, and India.

Sabang is famous for its tourist baharinya, Pulau Weh has a line of exotic white sandy beaches, plus the stunning underwater scenery make Sabang as a special place for diving. various types of fish and coral reef waters adorn Sabang, the beauty of the underwater park Sabang even mentioned no less than Bunaken Underwater Park which is one of the National Park. islands of Sabang island also has a natural green forests, sailed to the small islands in the archipelago is the main attraction for tourists. some interesting places in Sabang is Gapang Beach, Beach Iboih, Sabang Kilometer Zero Monument, Lake Aneuk Laot, Beach Rubiah [Island Rubiah], etc..

A little historical town of Sabang, since the 1890s, has become Sabang Free Trade Zone / Free Port is managed by the colonial government and the center of economic development in the Asia region. even more crowded than the international port of Singapore at that time .. but in the Second World War-2 Sabang destroyed by the Japanese attack, after which activity began to slow in Sabang .. Development begins again in 2000, but as the Free Trade Zone / Free Port city is still less than the island of Batam. Sabang in 2004 survived the Tsunami disaster, it does make Sabang is very important because it is a transit city air and water lines for the delivery of national and international relief for Tsunami victims in Aceh .. after the Department of Culture and Tourism of Sabang heavily promoting as a tourist destination.


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