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Lake Rakihan ,Indonesia.

Friday, March 23, 2012

woooow my day off today so I'm happy to play internet though sometimes broken laptop that does not make me lazy to gave the information to you.
and this time I will make a new design for this blog hopefully you like.
this time we will talk about the lake. want to know what?

The lake is one of the icons Rakihan Sindang Lake district, in addition to aik Jehijih, Mount Elephant, Cukhup creep and many others. The lake is located on the causeway, which is shaped like a cauldron. Looked at from the road, was very beautiful. The water a bluish tint to the bamboo raft raft dikayuh Oreochromis mossambicus crawler slowly moves above it. There are also images of the mirror opposite Tampa'an there. While at the beach Ilie
An Inner Mude was repairing nets hung diluan barung Yuang, next to his wife who was blowing blowing a fire to bake a pretty big gold fish. Another across the street, seemed a towering hill that looks like an elephant. This hill was visible long before arriving at the lake Rakihan. But in this place the hills like elephant's shape more clearly, stood firm like a bodyguard lake itself. And if we continue the journey leads to the village Uludanau, after climbing down the street and met with a flat, right to the left of not less eloknya tersuguh scenery. Terraces rice paddies and yellow steps at a time when the season arrives Ngetam. Seemed to welcome the arrival of our increasingly close to the picturesque village Uludanau. Thus missing all the long trip fatigue. Especially when the eyes have been staring Mukelawang, which is the gate of the village's scenic, natural beauty does not quickly disappear. Rice fields still stretched along the eye could see. And one more important, on the banks of the river opposite, Aik Jehijih, which is a hot spring baths when his people got tired of cold showers, have been waiting for our bodies denghan faithful. People can bathe in hot water is free of payment.

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