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Let Everything " GO GREEN"

Friday, March 23, 2012

hy the world
how are you today?
this post about the Green go, and I also changed the design of this blog to be the theme of Green. I hope you like the new design of this blog, I will try to Provide the best for you so you feel Fresher and more enjoy something when I read the info here.
Sometimes even though my laptop deer but eventually design and this post I can finally publish.

ok fine, you would not know the meaning of Go Green?

kits to know that our world is now broken as depleting the ozone layer, even though we were housed in this world, and given a good view of birds chirping in the morning to accompany us, so we should keep and care for this earth, we all know that this time the earth is broken.
for example:
1, flooded
2, waste strewn
3, Avalanche

so I participated in this Because in your country there are also posters, banners That invite us to GO GREEN, we can restore this earth better than now, it takes a long time but better than nothing, is not we bear the WHO risk if the earth is getting destroyed but the children, our grandchildren will be. That so we need to do is.

1.Planting trees in the neighborhood
Planting a tree is Meant for a life at least we have Contributed to reducing the impact of Global Warming.pohon That can take in water is around your neighborhood it may also Reduced the impact of banjir.kita can also Provide seeds to the community surrounding it is useful only in a few minutes to plant a tree.

2.Reduce the use of disposable items
Grantham is not well used Because only 1 time pakai.sebenarnya be 2 or 3 times but most of our disposable after use directly in the exhaust and it is not helpful to use a basketball baik.alangkah or so so not to waste and pollute our environment

3.Use public transportation or bicycle
and much more.
its conclusion so let us together restore our planet.
and we do it all for us.
ok accepted the love I have been reading this article, let's passion for restoring the planet!

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