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Pantai Cemara ,Lombok ,Indonesia.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

after I posted about this culinary time to time I will post on a beach in Lombok
let's follow this book online
Casuarina beach is located in East Lombok, located between Paradise Beach and Tanjung Ringgit. Many of the people of Lombok most still do not know this place, probably because the place is quite secluded and access to this place is pretty hard to be the reason many people do not know Lombok, especially from outside the island of Lombok.
Cypress has a white sand beach, like the sprawling wheat flour. If you
wanna Seeing the Indian Ocean directly-agan agan can rent boats from the shore crossing is approximately 10 minutes to the beach across the island, and there sure ane eye will agan terbelanga see the blue Indian Ocean with sea
cliffs are etched beautiful.

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