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Pantai Sadeng ,Yogyakarta,Indonesia.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

wooow so glad you could gather together again ...
This blog is an intermediary between me, and we all ..
Let this time let's talk about the beach again ...
bored because just about any beach?
hahaha does not matter .... tomorrow I'll update the other.
Sadeng beach is the most eastern region south of the mountain districts. Sadeng beach is located in the Village District Pucung Girisubo Songbanyu and is about 80 KM from the city center and adjacent to Pracimantoro Jogjakarta, Central Java Wonogiri.
This beach has become a local tourist community pride Gunungkidul Yogyakarta, because the beach is formed through a natural process that
is long enough. There is a lake in this coastal plains which are believed Flute formerly the estuary of the river Solo Ancient.
Based on the study of Geology experts, that long time ago Solo River flows from the upper reaches in the north to empty into the current Sadeng Coast. However, about four million years ago, a geological process happen.

Australian plate menghujam down Java, causing Java plateau and slowly pushed up. So that eventually the river flow can not go against the height of the river itself, until finally the water flow was also turned to the north, the current flowing to the northern tip of East Java.
Ended up staying on track trail that is slowly drying up because there was no flowing water which is now a productive farm crops for the surrounding community. The region is rich in limestone hills which, according to some studies, originally a coral reef under the sea surface.
Before it actually arrived at the beach Sadeng, guests are pampered with the first natural limestone mountain routes are challenging and very exotic. The beauty of the beaches in the area Gunungkidul does offer a lot of natural beauty and charm. On this beach, visitors can navigate the coastline to the east and toward the sand dunes near the lighthouse.
Views of the sea will be evident, along with the pounding of the waves are big. Unlike most beaches in the South Mountain, Sadeng not many have the giant rocks that the eye will not be hindered.
Sometimes, it can also be seen fishing boat that was fishing. Sadeng beach is actually a beach that has long been used as a tourist in Gunungkidul sebagaitujuan. Shoreline types that form cliffs make a beautiful beach Sadeng winsome look.
Not only as a tourist destination, this beach is also known as the Fish Landing Base (PPI) is a national level and is supporting the development of the largest marine fisheries in the province of Yogyakarta.
On the beach, visitors will see first hand the activities of the fishermen, there is a clean boat, transporting fish from a boat into the auction, grind ice cubes to put in a box of fish prior to distribution.
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