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Pantai Ujung Genteng ,Indonesia.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

wooow now there was the time I posted about the beach.
beach is nice and interesting time to visit
want to know what??
Beach resort in Indonesia will never run out to explore. My trip this time is a visit to Sukabumi, West Java to see the beauty of the Coastal Edge Tile. Millions of beautiful natural charm presented by the beach which is at the coals of the southern coast of Java island.go to  on the beach end of this tile, the tourists will be greeted by the ocean waves are open to the sky blue.
The waves, it has always seemed friendly and close to the beach tepan.
Beach beauty tip will also be portrayed in the tile when the dawn will come down to dusk. I was so awestruck at meeting this evening at the beach. As far as the eye could see, the vast sky will appear red orange. In my heart I say, really great gift of God given to these shores, to Indonesia.

Edge tile coast has a coastline of 16 kilometers. The city of Bandung, the beach is located about 230 km. While from Jakarta about 220 km. The tourists who will tour the coast also have a little patience to achieve it. Understandably, to get to the beach, the tourists must go through the winding streets. Even so, when I got on the beach, the struggle on the road it will pay off with a sweet smile Coast Tile Edge.

Waves, a row of rocks, and white sand are the main objects of the tour at the beach end of this tile. Even so, the beach is also still have the other attractions that are not less interesting. Estuary is an estuary Cipanarikan a meeting place for Cipanarikan River water with seawater.

Meanwhile, for the tourists who like to surf or surfing, can visit Seven Waves are still around Ujung Coast Tile. Seven waves are frequently visited by foreign tourists, this attraction attractive because of high waves and purportedly also always successive waves 7.

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