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Rice Tumpeng ,Indonesia.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

woooow last night I read a great culinary sebuat in a magazine.
because I was interested to mengupasanya so I decided to post the information I take  of
let's read together,
Tumpeng is a way of serving rice and side-pauknya in a cone shape, and therefore also called 'rice cone'. Processed rice is used generally in the form of yellow rice, although it is often also used plain white rice or rice uduk. This way of presenting the typical Javanese rice or descendants of Javanese and Betawi people is usually made at the time of festivity or celebration of an important event. Nevertheless, the Indonesian people in general know of these activities.
Served on a regular cone Tampah (traditional round containers of
bamboo) and covered with banana leaves.
History and Tradition
Communities on the island of Java, Bali and Madura has a habit of making cones for the feast or celebrate an important event. Yet almost all the people of Indonesia are now familiar with cone. Cone philosophy closely linked to the geographical condition of Indonesia, especially Java, which filled the ranks of the volcano. Cone comes from the ancient tradition of Indonesian society that honors the mountain as the dwelling place of the hyang, or ancestral spirits (ancestors). Having embraced the Java community and is influenced by Hindu culture, which printed a cone-shaped rice meant to mimic the shape of the sacred mountain Mahameru, where dwell the gods.
Although the tradition has been around far cone before the entry of Islam to the island of Java, the tradition was adopted and the cone on the development of Islamic philosophy associated with Java, and is regarded as the ancestor of the request message to the Almighty. In the tradition of festivity Slametans in Javanese traditional Islamic society, presented by the previous cone was held recitation of the Quran. According to Islamic tradition of Java, "Tumpeng" is an acronym in the Java language: metu yen influences must sing (when exit should seriously). Details, there is one unit of food again named "Buceng", made from glutinous rice; acronym of: yen mlebu kenceng must sing (if entered must be in earnest), while a side-pauknya cone, amounted to 7 range, number 7 pitu Java language, meaning Pitulungan (help). Three sentences acronym, derived from a prayer in sura al Isra 'verse 80: "My God, I masukanlah truthfully I go and remove it in good faith and teach out of thy power gives me a relief". According to some commentators, read this prayer of Prophet Muhammad SAW time will be moved out of the city of Mecca to Medina. So if a person with present berhajatan Tumpeng, the intention is to ask help from the Creator so that we can get the good and avoid evil, and the glory that provide help. And that's all we'll get if you try in earnest

Tumpeng is an important part in the celebration of the traditional feast. Celebration or festivity is a form of gratitude and thanks to the Almighty for the abundant harvest and other blessings. Because it has a value of gratitude and celebration, up to now often serves cone into a birthday cake in celebration of the birthday party.
In the feast, thanksgiving, or slametan, after reading prayers, unwritten tradition advocated the top cone is cut and given to the most important, most respected, most honored, or that the elder among the people in attendance. It is intended to show respect to that person. Then all the people who attend are invited to get together to enjoy the cone. With the cone show gratitude and thanks to God and celebrate togetherness and harmony.
Events involving rice cone called a layman as 'tumpengan'. In Yogyakarta, for example, developed the tradition of 'tumpengan' on the eve of August 17, Independence Day of Indonesia, to pray for the safety of the country.

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