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Taman Iman ,Dairi ,Indonesia.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

The travel hy how are you all today?
I hope we are all fine, this time I will take you to North Sumatra.

Faith Tourism PARK (TWI) Dairi rahun built in the late 1990's, have, an area of ​​10 hectares (ha) which was previously a forest of reeds, now transformed into a sacred place. Its location on the hill surrounded by pine forests and a mascot capital Dairi, Sidikalang.

Faith Park is located in the city at the height of the peak Sidikalang hills form
the alphabet. "S", Sitinjo and background faraway Sumbul city surrounded by thousands of hectares of rice fields that appear yellowed rice farmers.

TWI to enter the area beginning Dairi breeze along the mountains, like stroking the face when we stood up, greeted the gates of the four pillars of religion in Indonesia. On the miniature Kaaba Islamic religious complex, seemed a divine gift that naturalism is unparalleled. Then the eye, sweeping a series of religious miniature Buddha, Christian, Hindu background valleys and pine forests, as if assembling the words, "Coexistence Beautiful".

Then welcome keberadaanm complex Sadhayana Buddha Temple. This shrine, once enlivened the celebration of Vesak 1500 Buddhists attended, not only Buddhists from North Sumatra, but also from the island of Penang, Malaysia.

Buddhist tourists from Malaysia, expressed his admiration for the form of Vihara WTI Dairi, stated this location is very hard to find. Moreover, according to Buddhist belief, how Buddha Siddharta Gautama was born the Supreme Court in the pine forest. The existence of the Temple of the TWI Sadhayana Dairi is a miracle and has its own privileges.

Stupas and several temples ornament accidentally imported from India would also China. While the statue of Gautama Siddharta Spirit made of volcanic stone is done in Prumpun near Semarang, Central Java. TWI Dairi monastery will become a center of worship of the Buddha for pewisata and abroad. The temple complex will be maintained to serve the Buddhist monks to worship.

SEMILIRNYA not know the wind seemed to stop, browse the asphalt road in the middle of a pine forest. Cherry trees lining the roads crowded with Twitter burang flying from one tree to another to be a beautiful sight. Then, visitors are shown on the statue of Abraham who drew the sword to slay his son.

Statue of Abraham, are miniaturized contributions of the subdistrict as Dairi, illustrate the loyalty of children to the father. At least there are 14 miniature statues depicting Jesus Christ from his birth until he was crucified, has a religious meaning and messages agamais against adherents.

Golgotha ​​hill with three crosses as high as 15 meters to the place most visited by Christian pilgrims. Just below the cross is clearly visible from the city like any city Sidikalang Sumbul, looking statue of the Virgin Mary in a cave. Vase of flowers at the foot of the statue was never empty, always filled with pilgrims. Down the street with a miniature bridge divides two rivers, Lae Pendaroh magnificent church buildings and dormitory accommodation, the ultimate goal of pilgrims to pray.

The road is still uphill left standing Hindu temple, the temple with the ornament Balinese and Hindu Tamil, India. Its location is very strategic. When take his eyes, still felt a surge of wind leading to the City Sumbul. When standing between two pillars of Balinese ornaments, eyes like a stuck watching faraway, Bukit Barisan green.

ENTERING Islam welcomed the presence of the tower complex Medina Mosque, Ka'ba and building a dormitory lodging. The area of ​​the field not far from the ornamentation of buildings, often used for religious events. This field is also often used as a helicopter landing field, not only officials but also guests from abroad. Field events can also be used uni rituals of Hajj. Perwiritan of religious celebrations among them, Musabaqah Tilawatil would also seal the Qur'an Qur'an ..

In the TWI site Dairi, available buildings inn with 17 rooms. Each room can accommodate a capacity for 6 people. Accommodation is also prepared to be used for the treatment and cure of mental patient drugs.

The establishment of the TWI Dairi was previously a reed forest and turned it into the center of religious tourism, possible integration of PTPN assistance, entrepreneur, like any of the state-owned banks, especially Bank of North Sumatra. While private donations, including from Taufik Kiemas and Togar Sianipar.

Many people say, how the location of the Dairi TWI is very spectacular. Special messages from this site suggests, what a wonderful living side by side, the nation's religious diversity in Indonesia, a force when united. In essence, with mutual respect and respect among one another is built up its capital base unity and integrity of.

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