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Taman Wisata Tirta Sanita Ciseeng,Bogor ,Indonesia.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sometimes make the density of saturated. Need a refresher for the body and mind can be re-primed. And one way to freshen up is by recreation. But sometimes a desirable place for recreation are far outside the city, but it will take also take a lot of fund.
In the limited time, we must be good to choose a tour destination. If it turns around we have attractions that promise and cheap, it could not hurt to try.
Travelling will be more enjoyable when visiting natural attractions. Besides being able to freshen up, we can also admire the natural beauty that is so incredible.
Indeed, the natural park is a nature conservation area with the main objective to be exploited for the sake of tourism and outdoor recreation. Natural park can be managed by the government and the private sector. Tourist attractions such as hot water Tirta Sanita, Ciseeng.

Hot water Tirta Sanita, Ciseeng is one of the unique tourist attraction, where a limestone hill located in the middle of the hot water out pesawahan with a high sulfur content. When viewed from a distance, chalk hill it will look like a snowy hill as the reflection of the white chalk dispersed by the flow of hot water that comes out in it.

This natural attraction is the hot water bath with a beautiful panoramic view and the cool air. Treat a wide view of rice fields and lush panoramic landscapes by growing trees will add to our amazement a natural phenomenon that is rare.

High levels of sulfur content in hot water Ciseeng is often used by tourists for healing therapy of some diseases, especially skin diseases and rheumatism. The area around the hot water is also often used by tourists to do some camping activities.

Actually, in some locations Ciseeng, Bogor regency there are several attractions of hot water. But among some of the hot springs in this area, only the location of the hot water bath Tirta Sanita was run as a tourist destination.

Located about 20 kilometers south of Serpong, Tirta Sanita tourist hot water presents nature is so thick. Described by the manager of this tourist spot, H. Mulyana, Tirta Sanita offers a heated outdoor activities and nature adventures.

First of all, when menginjakan feet at this location, visitors will see a gate and where the purchase of tickets. Entrance to the site was fairly reasonably priced. Ticket price is set at Rp. 5 thousand per person for weekdays and $ 6 thousand for the holiday.

Entering the gates of the hot spring baths Tirta Sanita, was a row of palm tree king neatly on the left and right. A few meters then visitors will be treated to views of the limestone hills of the central location of these baths. The color combination of white, gray and black with Kontrast integrated, harmonious with the green foliage of trees growing around it quite a lot. At beberpaa part of the hill is carved to resemble the steps that allow visitors to climb.
On top of a limestone hill, there is a small pond filled with water. Quite pungent smell of sulfur in the water with a greenish white color.

Tirta Sanita tourist hot water to provide some hot water bathing pool. Here there is a swimming pool for children. This pool size is not so broad, kerana is only intended for children. For these children's pool, the entry rate of $ 4 thousand.

After the pond children, there are hot tubs for adults. This pool is formed in small rooms, with a size of 2x2 m. Swimming adult fare of Rp 6 thousand. And the latter is the hot tubs are also diberada in the VIP room but with a larger size. Rate of entry of $ 10 thousand.

Ria bathed in Tirta Sanita, visitors need not fear going hungry or thirsty, because a lot of food and drink vendors in the region. Even once you sit down, immediately offered the young coconut are also other foods. In addition, there are also restaurants serving food with affordable price. It was also pretty good, the restaurant is located in the middle of the lake.
If you get bored playing in the water, it's outbound tourism should be tried. Stressful experience will be felt through the game flying fox, a form of rope from the top of a limestone hill until the middle of the pool. Then, for children there is the arena in the form of toys that use a car or motorcycle batteries.
Taman Tirta Sanita deals may be the right choice of holiday location for the citizens of the community. In addition to cheap, its location was not far from this community. Seeing the beauty nature has to offer, it seems reasonable when calling this resort as a useful natural park relieve fatigue.

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