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Tongseng ,Indonesia.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

wooow love it if going to a place that many resorts but it is incomplete if we did not taste
the typical food of the place...

based culinary goats are very easy to find in Indonesia. perhaps the most famous is the satay and curry. then in Magelang Muntilan goat also made ​​in the said pack bondan culinary mak nyus, but instead of the usual meat made ​​in the basic ingredients of this food, but the head. and that is what distinguishes this tongseng predictably tongseng commonly encountered, the use of meat still attached to the bone.

tongseng head of the goat is the name of this culinary ust. may be present in other areas also have no culinary this one, but it can be called Muntilan is the first that made head of the goat as tongseng.
tongseng how to make goat's head is actually almost the same as tongseng we usually find, but because the material is in use not just the means to process them has needed expertise. in the area there is a stall tongseng Muntilan goat's head which is very famous and crowded with shoppers and even those willing to queue for hours just to enjoy this tongseng. The full address is less clear but certainly in the midst of Muntilan in the township.

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