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Wisata Ujung Genteng ,Indonesia.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

woooow am very happy to post this afternoon ..
last night I could not post due to a faulty internet network daily
so could not post but this time we will go to the Java
want to know what?
Tile is the end of the southern coastal area of ​​West Java is located in District Ciracap, Sukabumi district with the distance of about 220 kilometers from the capital city of Jakarta or 230 kilometers from the city of Bandung. Latency of about six or seven hours away by car. In addition to running pretty smoothly there are also several alternative routes and adequate public transportation to the destination.
Tile has the characteristics of the coastal tip of the south coast of Java are generally well known that clean water and great waves. However, this beach is much different compared to the coastal port of the famous Queen of vulnerable and often claimed lives because of the ferocious waves. Although the beach is free to the end of tile overlooking the Indian Ocean, the waves are big but do not endanger the traveler who likes to play around in the sea. Huge waves of the ocean breaking
first group was blocked due to scattered coral in front of the beach, so we can enjoy the nature with beautiful beaches, safe, and comfortable. Children can swim in the sea as much and lets look at a bunch of colorful fish on the sidelines of the rock, indicating how their natural environment Tile Edge.
At the end of the tile itself there are many interesting places, such as direct view of green turtle (Chelonia mydas) on the beach Pangumbahan. There is also the location where you can surf on the waves are quite challenging which is known as "waves of seven". This location is a favorite area for foreign tourists to surfing. Designations according to the population of seven waves because the waves are always consecutive seven waves and always big. For those who like fishing, at the End of tiles is a good place where the fish are many and varied.
Besides the natural attractions, Ujunggenteng also has the attraction in the form of coconut sugar making process by the local community. Simple construction so that by utilizing the vast coconut plantations, the residents put up bowl to accommodate the liquid from coconuts and flowers gathered and cooked in large pot and then printed with a piece of bamboo that is larger than the size of the palm sugar on the market.

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