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5 Places in Indonesia culinary frequented

Thursday, April 26, 2012

wooow day I am very sad day for my blog visitors is reduced, I do not know what happened but this is my risk. so i have to re-create this blog to be known by google anymore.
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ok this time I will give you info on the top spot in culinary tourism in Indonesia is quite a lot of tourists visit.

Medan, North Sumatra
If talking Medan, the first is identical to bika Ambon, Ambon bika fame though now shifted from Bolu Meranti, there are still many people who buy bika ambon as souvenirs. Besides the food, is no less important is the durian. Terrain is very popular with the big durian and sweet. In the field, you can enjoy a durian in the street while sitting. Not only that, durian pancakes with a view to enrich the culinary field durian flesh intact.

Padang and Bukittinggi, West Sumatra
Culinary tastes of the region known even to foreign countries. Rendang is still a prima donna cooking cuisine culinary representing Indonesia. Not surprisingly, many Padang restaurants are scattered throughout the city in Indonesia. The culinary riches of the region one of them because of the infinite. Type of jerky for example, there are jerky and jerky batokok Balado. There is a nail curry, curry Toco, and curry tambusu. There Padang satay, satay Pariaman, also skewers Padangpanjang. Anyway, it all must try!

In London, you can try rice Kapau. In the Market For New York City, you can buy various souvenirs such as chips that taste spicy Balado. In this market there is also a banana seller pinchers, the bananas are baked, flaked, and eaten with grated coconut mixed with brown sugar.

Bogor, West Java
Bogor, besides famous for its cool air is too shady trees, a culinary center that is endless. Just as Bandung, Bogor also have a creative community in creating new culinary variety.
Here you can taste the fried bean sprouts are sold in many places. Also there bogor laksa, noodle soup, pickles and preserves the typical Bogor. Do not forget to taste the unique creations of society, such as baked macaroni, bread Unyil, also ice cream and pancake duren.

Bandung, West Java
Bandung hawker paradise. Baso fried tofu (batagor), dumplings, bananas molen, eclairs, bandrek, bajigur, goyobod ice, and ice cendol are a handful of them. Bandung jajaka fathers who used to create a creative new culinary creations. Therefore, the culinary development of this style are endless!

In addition, there Bandung soup, noodles whipped, lotek, combro and Misro (oncom in jero and fishy in jero), timbel tamarind vegetables, peuyeum, cireng (aci fried), obese, colenak (tape grilled coconut sauce and sugar red).

The city of Yogyakarta, Yogyakarta
Center in this city has its own characteristics, that is sweet and savory flavors that dominate the cuisine. The simplest example is warm, usually served with a variety of bacem. There are also Java noodles, curries, tongseng, satay, nasi pecel, to broil klathak. Sate klathak is typical cuisine of Yogyakarta. Beef or lamb baked with a little seasoning, and pieces stuck into the spokes of a bicycle. There's beer and coffee joss Java which is a typical local drinks. Do not forget to bring a souvenir bakpia, as well as a variety of porridge, getuk, diamonds, and yangko a sweet and sticky.

Malang, East Java
This city is famous for baksonya taste very delicious. Believe me, it feels different from the 'poor meatball' that you find in other cities! Not only enjoyed the meatballs with gravy as usual, but also burned. Grilled meatballs are now many fans. In addition to meatballs, Malang is also famous for its apples that have distinctive taste. Apples are also processed into chips, porridge and jam.
Well, hopefully the information about Tourist Attractions In Indonesia Culinary useful for you who like to eat. Well, for you who want to try cooking at home, let's read or Beef Steak Recipe Tips on Making Pastry this blog.

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