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Api abadi Mrapen ,Java,Indonesia.

Friday, April 13, 2012

helo all! I am posting this is great because this place is nice and unique and I am really curious to see this place.
we just go to that place.
Mrapen eternal flame is a complex located in the village Manggarmas, District Godong, Grobogan regency, Central Java. This area is located on the edge of the highway Purwodadi - Hyderabad, located 26 km from the town of Purwodadi. Mrapen complex eternal flame is a natural geological phenomenon out of the ground fire that never goes out even though it rained. (believe it or not?)
Many great events take fire from the complex as a source of eternal fire Mrapen torch, for example international sporting event Ganefo Itanggal 1 November 1963. Mrapen eternal flame of the torch is also used to power the National Sports Week (PON) PON X began in 1981, POR 1983 and HAORNAS PWI. Mrapen eternal flame of the torch ceremony is also used for the feast of Vesak.
In addition to the eternal flame, in the complex there is also a pond with boiling water which is said dapatdipergunakan to treat skin diseases, and if upon entrance stone which is said to weight one can lift the lift it will get his wish

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