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Gunung Argopuro ,Indonesia.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

wooow love it if you could re-post and the visitors could get acquainted with me.
ok well my previous post on the mountain as well. that is Gunung Tandikat.
this time I will post a mountain too ..
want to know more about this mountain?
Argopuro mountain is one of the mountain of mountains Iyang Complex. There are many peaks, some of the peak has geological structures and some other older younger. Several peaks in these complexes include Mt. Semeru (2.847m), Mt. Vase (2.773m), Mt. Cemoro Cage, Gn. Krincing, Gn. Steamer, Gn. Malang, Gn. Competitiveness, Gn. Sela reefs, and Gn. Argopuro. Argopuro peak at an altitude of 3088 m above sea level. Mountain that is no longer active crater is located in the District. Probolinggo, East Java.

To go Bremi can be reached from the city of Surabaya Probolinggo bus ride. Bus ride from Probolinggo small Akas majors to Bremi. Bus departs from the pool Akas in the old terminal, next to the hotel Beautiful Bromo. Bus departs two times, morning and afternoon at 06.00 at 12.00, while returning from the city Besuki Bremi 08.00 hours and 15.00 hours. Before you make the climb is required to report to the police station to be recorded Krucil sector identity. In the village this Bremi majority is the Madurese who sometimes do not understand Indonesian so it is difficult to communicate.

The journey begins from the Office of Police down to the T-junction towards the direction of the Cold Ayer estates. With the majority of the population through the gardens planted with corn and rice, will now enter the area planted to coffee plantations and sengon. Increasingly uphill path and began to enter the forest area of ​​resin. After walking about 2 hours we will enter the Sanctuary Forest boundary.

Of the limits of nature reserves, the forest became more dense and steep paths. Climbers need to be vigilant in this area was inhabited boar. Note the bushes moving and distinctive voice that often appear around the pig route. When we get to the top of the hill we will find the intersection of lines. Take the straight if you want to continue to the summit, but if you want to Lake Park Life must turn right.

Lake Park Life is a camping site is quite extensive. Around here sometimes appear wild boar, deer and antelope, there is a vast lake and lots of fish that can be fished. Climbers can also get their water from this lake. The lake is very dangerous form of muddy swamp, so as to take water climbers must pass through a wooden pier bridge. From this pier bath climbers often swim into the lake. But keep in mind when cold water is dangerous for swimming.

When the air is bright when the climber suddenly shouted the fog will appear above the lake, but after a silent fog will disappear again. Climbers can also surround the lake to fish. On the morning of thick fog blanketed the lake so dangerous when you want to take the water, as it can get stuck in the marsh banks of the lake. Water to prepare it in advance when the weather clears.

On leaving Lake Park hikers have to walk to the first intersection and turn to the right toward the top. Lane ramps but rather the lush jungle atmosphere. After walking about 30 minutes we will meet with a dry creek. Then the path uphill, in the morning along the lines we can find traces of wild boar, tiger footprints even the newer ones.

Next we will enter the dark forest and humid, so close the distance between the trees making it difficult for sunlight to penetrate. This area is called the Forest Moss because all the trees in this area is covered by moss. The impression was haunted and very creepy as it passes through this area. Traces of deer, deer, wild boar and leopards can be found along this path.

About 1 hour through the woods we entered the forest moss tree distances are not too tight, so it looks a little brighter. Rumputpun herbal plants and thrive. The line was down the hillside to the left side of a ravine. Grass that grows sometimes so high that cover the path. Occasional sounds of birds chirping of different types

The next 30 minutes we will arrive at the slopes of the many large boulders. Here there are many fallen trees remaining forest fires. We have to cross three rivers dried fruit in a way down the ravine and up again into the hills. The hills in front of us a lot of grass with trees in tumbuhi a rather rare. Occasionally seen deer or deer running around, while dozens of monkey-monkey hanging on a tree.

About 1 hour later we were on a hillside overgrown tall grass. This grass often covers the path so it is very disturbing. In the grass starts growing Edelweis, the remaining large trees surviving fire with green leaves grow new ones. By taking about 30 minutes across the grass that surrounds the hill we'll arrive in a small river where the water is flowing smoothly. Climbers can set up a tent in the area this time white.

Next we are going through a pine forest overgrown grass is high, one would arrive the next day in the meadow dreadlocks, curly-shaped grass here and grow clustered. Rotate around a trip down the mountain pastures with dreadlocks. Furthermore, we will get Sicentor. Sicentor is a meeting place and Bremi baderan lines are united to the summit. In this place we can set up a tent to rest before continuing the journey to the summit. In Sicentor there is a building of wood that can be used to shelter from the rain and wind.

Of Sicentor uphill journey across the prairie and meadow edelweiss, about 1 hour trip will meet with a dry river. After crossing two dry river back across the meadows and grasslands are very beautiful edelweiss. 1 hour to arrive at the Swamp bleat.

To reach the top turn left, but if you want to set up a tent to rest in Rawa bleat. In this place there is always an aqueous stream in the dry season. Quagmire bleating of the open field so that when the wind blew the tent can be rocked hard.

Swamp of bleating back turned towards the left across the meadow, to get to the summit takes about 2 hours drive. From the meadow turn right up the steep slopes a dusty and a lot of fallen trees remaining fires. When the wind blew the fire residual trees are prone to collapse, so be careful. Dusty, crumbly soil is also prone to landslides need to be careful crossing.

A little further down we will cross a river that is dry and rocky. Back up the hill is steep, we will meet with edelweiss meadows and grasslands are very beautiful. In the future we look Rengganis a whitish top, composed of limestone and sulfur.

Argopuro is a former mountain top crater of a dead, the smell of sulfur is still very pronounced. These peaks form a sort of shrine punden staircase, punden wide as a football field at the bottom here there are many scattered stones. To the top again as wide as about 10 x 10 meters, to the smaller. Next we will cross the crater there is lots of lime stones are white and smell sulfur. At the peak there is a stone structure which is believed to be petilasan Rengganis Goddess.

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