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Gunung Tandikat,West Sumatera ,Indonesia.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

hello all ...? how are you?
I am very sad .. because lately my visitors dropped drastically.
I do not know what happened. is it because I changed my domain address?
but wherever it is. My mission now is to restore my back like all the traffic and multiply ...
ok I'm sorry too because lately I have not posted because there are matters that I can not delay and I'm not going to take my laptop.
ok this time our topic about which there is a mountain in Indonesia.
want to know what??
Bertype Tandikat a stratovolcano Mount is also known by the name Tandikai, Tandike. Standing tall with a height of 2430m daripermungkaan sea. These mountain highlands stretches Minang Kabau West Sumatra, about 7.5 km from the city of Padang Panjang. The city is known as the city has the coldest temperatures in West Sumatra. Mount Tandikat geographically located at position 0 ° 25'57 30 'south latitude and 100 ° 19'01 69' east latitude. This stretches the width direction of the mountain South, and West adjacent bordering Lake Maninjau, one of the main lake is famous in West Sumatra. While in the north of the mountain is adjacent to Mount Singgalang, and east is a cluster of old Tertiary volcanic. This mountain is rarely climbed and the Sumatran Tiger can still be found in the forests of Mount Tandikat this. We recommend that if you want to climb this mountain, accompanied by local villagers who are familiar with this trail on the mountain. State of the path is clear and sometimes even disappear. and the forest is still tight and damp, but it's at an altitude of about 1800 m above sea level, there are many walking trails are leeches, the things above to make this mount a challenge for the adventurous individual who is always looking for new things.

Access to this mountain there are two routes that can be taken are:
Village route Singgalang GantingDari Padang inter-city bus and get off Bukit Tinggi destination in the city of Padang Panjang, then alternating with rural transportation routes Ganting Singgalang village. Past the famous natural baths in the city Padang Panjang Lubuk Cats Eye. Usually pendaki bermalam in which this didesa penduduk rumah merupakan juga kuncen this gunung, memulai and climbing the next day.

Route MalalakDesa Village is located not far from the city of Bukit Tinggi and can be reached by rural transportation.
The most direct route taken is from the village of Singgalang Ganting. Along the trail to the summit several times we will find a small river. This mountain has never exploded, the state peak overgrown by trees and shrubs make a little hard and have paved the way to the summit. Additionally we could descend the crater and the crater was based, there are some small holes that crater sulfur fumes and roaring sounds. At the bottom of the crater is quite broad and could set up a tent. In addition there jga small lake but the water taste of sulfur.

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