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Hot Spring Pintu Batu Simbolon, North Sumatera ,Indonesia.

Monday, April 16, 2012

wooow so glad we could walk to Sumatra this time.
ok let us now go into a tourist hot spring in North Sumatra
Hotspring unspoiled village located in the Stone Door Simbolon Palipi Kab.Samosir District is one of the nuances that attraction is quite beautiful, but it was right at Bank Beach Lake Toba is also supported by the ease of access, because it coincided at the curb so that the Ringroad Samosir use two-wheelers or four-wheel drive and motor boats, visitors were very easily able to access this site.
In addition to the uniqueness Hotspring still completely natural alias directly from the mountains without shelter in the form of ponds and is also available in the bathroom, visitors are also presented with the beauty of the Panorama of Lake Toba that lie among the green mountains Hotspring location.

Once the location of the Stone Door Hotspirng Simbolon still feel lonely because that location has not received the attention of the Government or the Community, but the beauty and uniqueness of tourist sites owned Hotspirng Simbolon Stone Door is increasingly attracting the interest of tourists so that over time, a household that is long enough Coffee set up business in the attempt to explore the potential that is embedded in the Stone Door attraction Hotspirng Simbolon by establishing Eating Fast-food businesses with a variety of menus that provide many options for visitors such as, Food Typical Batak Dekke Niarsik Na, Fish Grill, Chicken roast and other menu menu presentation is quite special, with a menu that berpariasi where visitors can order the menu directly, ie at a price of about 150,000, - visitors can book Roast Chicken and chicken directly meilih will dipanggan, after booking guests can enjoy the warmth of the Stone Door Hotspirng Simbolon, the beautiful panorama of Lake Toba and the fresh mountain scenery around tourist sites.

About 30 minutes of waiting while enjoying the panoramic view, the order was delivered directly into the space provided tourist location at the foot of the mountain and coincident in attractions.

While menikamti orders are served with warm rice and various vegetables plus roasted chicken that is the main menu, visitors feel as if the magic with a pretty spectacular Panorama Nature. The following is described briefly, access and facilities offered on-site attractions Hotspirng Simbolon Stone Door:

Being on edge and on the beach of Lake Toba Samosir Ringroad Roadside stone door precisely at the Village District Simbolon Palipi or about 10 Km from downtown Pangururan.

Can be reached by two-wheelers, four about 15 minutes from the City Pangururan and about 45 minutes from the City Nainggolan while the motor boat can be accessed from all around the Port District as being in the Bank Kab.Samosir Coast of Lake Toba.

Eating Fast Food / Catering, Accommodation and Café and other entertainment facilities.

Natural panoramic waterfront of Lake Toba, Hotspirng Simbolon Stone Door in the two parts, namely Hotspring Hotspring a shower and a bathroom Men and Women.

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