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Museum Mulawarman Tenggarong ,Indonesia.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

hy all .... I do not have long to post again due to busy with the affairs of something.
but everything is back to normal and I can be happy happy to update the blog again one day even though only 1 -2 article updates only.
oh yes good news because in 2 days I will make liric songs on this blog
I hope this blog because there are also growing lyric menu ...
ok well let's telesuri museum attractions in Indonesia.

Museum Mulawarman Tenggarong located in the City, the Capital District Kutai, East Kalimantan province. This museum was once the palace of the Sultanate Tenggarong designed by Estourgie of Hollandsche Beton Maatschappij (HBM) and was built in 1936 (during the reign of Sultan Adji Mohamad Parikshit). Prior converted into a museum, the building of this palace had burned. Then, rebuilt in 1963. However, the new on November 25, 1971 inaugurated by the Governor of East Kalimantan (then, HA Wahab Syahranie). Five years later, on February 18, 1976 Museum Mulawarman left To the Ministry of Education and Culture.

For the record, Mulawarman Museum is in the court of the kingdom of Kutai Sultanate. In the palace itself are: (1) Kedaton Hall (the residence of Sultan Salehuddin II which has been crowned as emperor in 2002), (2) complex of tombs of the sultans and their relatives Kukar, (3) Masjid Hasanuddin, and (4) Planetarium Universe is used as a visual appearance of the universe.

Museum collections Mulawarman
Museum Mulawarman save historic heritage objects Sutan sultan-aquatic mammal that is placed in several rooms. At the front there is room Kukar the sultan's throne flanked by two Swana cow statue. In the back of the throne of the two mosaic pictures plastered Sultan AM Soelaiman (Sultan of Kutai to-17) and AM Alimoeddin (Sultan of Kutai to-18), as well as painting Sultan AM Parikshit. In addition to drawing some of the sultan's throne and, in this room there is also the umbrella of the greatness of the Sultanate, three bronze sculptures from Europe, lounge chairs used by the sultan to rest, or pedestal rehal Koran, chairs made from deer antlers and Siberia local deer who supposedly used by the family of the sultan to the Koran, and a crystal cabinet in which the well-organized set of tools for the ceremony (pangkon silver, jewelery, dagger, and spear).

In the other room there Yupa inscriptions, statues, woven Benuaq typical Dayak tribes known as the ulap Doyo (complete with a traditional loom), and ethnic carvings typical Dyak Kenyah, Benuaq, Busang, modang and Punan. Meanwhile, on the back of the room there is minirama of the birth of the Supreme Deity Aji Batara Sakti who later became King's first Katanegara Kutai, the birth of Princess Coral minirama Melenu which later became the wife of Supreme Deity Aji Batara Sakti, and is also equipped with minirama coal mining, wood industry, the plant typical Kalimantan, Mahakam, and Irrawaddy.

Minirama Besides, in this room also has a collection of old currency that had circulated in the reign of the Dutch East Indies and Japan, the traditional clothes of every province in Indonesia, a miniature temple and Prambanan Brobudur, woven of Sumatra, a wide range of traditional weapons, traditional musical instruments , as well as hundreds of ancient ceramics made in China, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, and Europe are located in the basement.

For the record, because it has been used as a tourist attraction, the Museum opened to the public Mulawarman every Monday until the week of the entrance fee of Rp2.500, 00 for adults and Rp 1,000, 00 for children. And, in front of the museum is also provided as appropriate facilities other attractions in Indonesia, namely the stalls or kiosks that provide a variety of foods, beverages, and souvenirs typical of East Kalimantan.

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