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Ngopi Doeloe - Kafe di Bandung,Indonesia

Thursday, April 26, 2012

beautiful days by taking the 1 hour sitting at the computer to post the story to you all ... about tourism in Indonesia
I blogwalking overnight. I saw a blog that is not in the care of anymore.
I found something unique in the blog.
want to know what kind?
This is one of many people's favorite cafe in Bandung, including me: Ngopi Doeloe or ordinary people mention "ngopdul".

The atmosphere is matched wrote with taste. Coffee concoction also includes enjoyable, as well as snacknya. Commonly ordered Cafe Latte Cappucino if ya do not. While the food Tom Yam aftermath, and then usually order a fried banana chocolate & know pletok (similar to the name of a drink in Java: Beer pletok).

Another reason is like coming to Ngopdoel visitors themselves that the average student and a student in Bandung such as ITB, Unpad, Unpar, etc..
But clearly that's a mix between all of them plus wi-fi network connection makes this self-love again and again to Ngopi Doeloe. Especially in the area Unpad campus, the course name Hassanudin road. Through the regular channels and in front of Dago Bank BNP to right.

Location Ngopi Doeloe known:

Jl. Ranggamalela (FO rear DSE)
Jl. Purnawarman (Scholastic)
Jl. Banda
Jl. Burangrang
4 In addition to these locations there are also other NgopDoel, just being away from home a little lazy
let's come to Bandung.

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