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Obyek Wisata Batu Guru,Indonesia.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Batu Guru 
in Indonesia has many attractions, including in northern Sumatra.
Sumetera famous places in the north is the Lake,
and around Lake Toba save a lot of tourist attractions to visit ....
want to know what kind?
Professor Stone thus given the name of attraction, where the Stone Master has a long history which tells of the triumph of his journey Batak Toba people who live in around Nainggolan District. The story of Master Legend of the stone which, according to the narrative of local residents is the stone that occurs akbiat a fight between the Kings of the fight so that there are two conflicting pieces of large stone, where one of the stones on the ground above the village and another one located in the waterfront area Lake Toba

In addition to travel a long history of this Master Legend of the Stone plus the location is quite interesting because it is located on Lake Toba there is also a uniqueness that is pretty awesome, it is our own doing research with the following descriptions:
Master stones on the edge of the shore of Lake Toba has a size of ± 50m in diameter with a height of surface water into the ± 5 m and approximately 3m. This stone is located not directly hit the bottom of Lake but the prop by three medium-sized stones so that the robustness of the three pieces of stone that support the Rock Master, which we can certainly dive meyeberangi rock from side to side stones and in accordance with a philosophy Batak people, the existence and composition teacher at Stone strut by three medium-sized stones, believed to be a symbol that the Stone Master Real Filsapat Batak people who say "Dalihan Na Tolu" consisting of:

Somba March Hula-Hula
Elek Marboru
Manat Mardongan tubu

Erratic weather change was also mengobah location of the rock, and even earthquake tsunamis that occurred in the Aceh region is also very strong effect to the area in a few years ago Naidoo also had no impact or influence on the location of the position of Master Legend of the Stone. Until now, the existence of Master Legend of the Stone became one of the most famous tourist icon of the District Nainggolan plus a few other tourist attractions are not attractive at the time. But in addition to tourist attractions that have segundang this history, local residents still have their own beliefs related to the preservation of the culture in which up to now, we can still find some of the offerings made by local residents because it is believed that Professor Stone has the spiritual power of the Toba Batak culture.
First place (Stone Master) became the most popular among students residing in the District Nainggolan because this place used as a place to vacation with his colleagues.
With promising tourism potential, local residents and visitors who come from inside or outside the region Samosir just hope the government gives a touch of the tourist area of ​​Batu Master Planning is to make it more feasible and more attractive to visitors. With a vision / mission of the tourist district Towards Samosir District, of the existence of this Master Stone site would be one that enriches the tourism potential in the District Attractions Samosir.
Batu Guru

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