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Pantai Krakal ,Yogyakarta,Indonesia.

Monday, April 30, 2012

helo all .. now i will update about tourism in Indonesia, namely the beach.
a few hours ago I posted an article about the Tribe Gayo
ok let's move to the tourist attractions Beach.
Krakal beach is the widest and longest along the 5 kilometer. It is located in Tanjung Sari Village Ngestirejo District, Yogyakarta Gunungkidul. The beach is just 6 kilometers from the beach Kukup, close to the beach anyway Drini. Distance is 65 kilometers from Yogyakarta and can be reached by traveling about 2.5 hours. Actual distance from the city of Yogyakarta is quite close but due to the winding streets are advised to not drive at high speed. To go there we will journey across the limestone hills with rocks Beautiful. Although quite far from the city of Yogyakarta and the need to travel a few hours away, so until the vast expanse of beach with a cool air lelahpun will soon disappear. Krakal beach also offers a beautiful violin with a clean ocean to become tourist destination jogja lovers who are interested in the nuances of the South Sea.

Krakal beaches into tourist attractions of South Mountain that many local and foreign tourists dikunjungin mainly because of its white sand beach that makes it so charming. Many who considered the white sandy beach is the most beautiful and enchanting beaches among those in Java. But keep in mind when playing in the water here should not get too deep. Because like other southern beaches, the waves here are big enough to come up with the kids do not forget to always keep an eye on them

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