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Pantai Mutun ,Indonesia.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

In addition to the white sand beaches and Kalianda, float has another beach that is not less interesting place to visit, for example mutun Coast. Beach which is about 20-30 minutes drive from the city of Bandar Lampung offers beautiful white sand, in contrast to most beaches on the island of Java is a black sand.
Throughout the journey you will be treated to views of green trees, fields and mountains are saying to miss. But too bad, when entering into the trail after we found a simple signpost reading "Coast Mutun", we will pass through the rocky and dusty road for 5-10 minutes.

Like the beach in general, the island offers a sea mutun and water attractions. Although not very well, but you can enjoy the water here, with a swim or just walk down the beach.
For those of you who can not swim, can menkmati a calm sea with the hiring ban swimming or canoeing. Only with rental costs around Rp. 10,000 to Rp. Just 20 000 per canoe, we can enjoy this sport for an hour.
Price of admission (HTM) mutun beach is not so expensive, only Rp.
2500 per oeang or Rp. 5000 per car.
Sloping beach which stretches facing the Sunda Strait is also never felt the brunt of the Tsunami in the explosion of Krakatoa in 1883 ago. It did not reduce the combined beauty of the beach from the sea and the forests along the coast mutun.

Actually, the main attraction of this beach is a small island located just offshore mutun. Tangkil the tiny island offers the charm of the beauty that is still awake keaslianya. With inda beaches and crystal clear water. To go to this island you can hire a boat to cross. At a cost of about 5000 dollars you can reach the island Tangkil. Do not worry about not being able to return home, you can ask for a boat that leads you to pick up again when you want to go home.
Not only cleaner, but the island is also more sparsely attended than mutun coast. You can spend the time to swim or just walk around the beach on this tiny island with a relaxed and comfortable. But you have to be careful, because there are lots of sea urchins in certain places around the coast of this island Tangkil.

If you feel tired, you do not have to reput to cross back to the island mutun, because in this small beach huts available for rent for the rest. Not only is it the middle of the island there is also a games area for outbound melakuka.
Are suggested for those of you who wish to visit the beach or island mutun Tangkil to arrive early, because of the limited number of facilities here, it is possible for you to not miss a place to rest or cottages for rent.
Mutun around the island there is also a relatively cheap accommodation, which is about 150 thousand dollars per night. So do not be afraid if you fall asleep on the beach atmosphere menukmati mutun so too late to go home.
Enjoy your trip on the beach mutun, do not forget for those of you who come from outside the area smpatkan to buy typical souvenirs float, a craft of shells or banana chips yange are local specialties.

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