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Pantai Siung ,Yogyakarta,Indonesia.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Woooww 2 days I no longer post because there are tasks that I need to do and get out of town. LOL
ok well yesterday before I left my second post that is tourist attractions
Berastagi & Air Wendit
and this time we will discusses about a resort in North Sumatra,
want to know what?
what are you people like the beach sights.

Siung beach is located in the coastal districts of Yogyakarta and Wonosari is one of the many beaches that are owned by the area. Siung has a special attraction for those of you who loved beaches.

Siung beach is not too large compared to the beaches in Yogyakarta, such as the beach or shore Parangkusumo Parangtritis. But Siung has a beautiful beach that is not owned by the beach. With the condition of unspoiled beaches, ocean color that looks beautiful blue and the sand makes this beach must be a natural tourist destination when visiting Wonosari. In Siung we can see the butterflies that are flying free and marine fish that can be seen with the naked eye.

Because the mash has not been well organized, yet many sellers that you can find, so it is advised to bring their own lunch to enjoy the beauty of the beach, sitting on the beach

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