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Pantai Wediombo ,Indonesia.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

The beach is not so well known, still less popular than it does for example Parangtritis beach, or even with other beaches in the South Mountain area as Krakal beach, Baron Beach, etc.. but Wediombo beach has a panorama of nature is so amazing, the beauty of this unspoiled beach.
that day at around 17:15 pm, the sun began to go down .. and a moment later I saw an extraordinary beauty .. pemandangaan Wediombo a beach sunset,

Admission is Rp. 3.000/org Wediombo Coast. Wediombo coast including pristine beaches, natural .. not too many tourists who visit this beach so the beach is still clean.
Wediombo have such a long coastline, as well as white sand and coral hills which stood firm like small islands floating on the ocean .. Wediombo beach also has a typical southern coast of the waves are so big, and the sound of the waves on the beach Wediombo sounded so sweet as dusk to greet us. Population around the coast Wediombo living as farmers, fishermen do not exist at this beach because the waves are so big does not allow a sailboat to go to the sea. but sometimes there are some people who go fishing from the hills around the edge of the ocean reef Wediombo.

if we Wediombo along the coastline, we can find small caves hidden in the cliff .. for visitors who intend nge-camp on this beach I recommend to bring fishing gear, because after enjoying the evening we could spend the night with the lure of the hill of coral and fish dinner we accompanied the teaser and the sound of the surf beach Wediombo sky .. morning we could take a walk along the shoreline, we can find many other beauty is hidden in there ..

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