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Suku Gayo ,Aceh ,Indonesia.

Monday, April 30, 2012

after my return to active posting these days.
I am very happy because this time I will post about the tribes in Indonesia. and spare time is from Aceh.
want to know what? see my post last night

Gayo tribe
    With the language of the population Gayo Gayo Lues Regency, Central Aceh District (Takengon), and Bener Meriah regency.
       There is majority ethnic Gayo in Central Aceh district, highlands, Gayo Lues and three districts in East Aceh, which sub Serbe So Peunaron and Simpang Clear, Gayo tribe also inhabits some of the villages in the districts of Aceh and Southeast Aceh Tamiang.
Gayo tribe known Muslim and devout in their religion. Tribal language called Gayo Gayo language.
     Gayo society living in a small community called the village. Each village is headed by a gecik. A collection of some of the villages called kemukiman, led by mukim. Traditional systems of government in the form of the element of leadership that called sarak Opat, consisting of:
a. Reje
b. Petue
c. Imem
d. Rayat
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