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Taman Wisata Air Wendit, Malang - Jawa Timur,Indonesia.

Friday, April 27, 2012

wooow hy all?? a beautiful day is not it? this time where you go with the one you love?
ok well this time I will give you info about tourist attractions in poor
want to know what??

Water Park Wendit Wendit formerly known as the Baths, or better known by the community Mendit (ed: Bathing Place), located in the village Mangliawan, district. Pakis, Malang regency ± 8 km from the center of the city of Malang. It is located on the main road towards the right bank of the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park through Overlapping via Poncokusumo.

Some historians claim that the name comes from the word Wendito Wendit meaning Pendito or pastor. The origin of this Wendit occur due to the shift of Mount Widodaren which is one of the mountain in Bromo Mountain cluster. Shift in the mountain community Tengger tribe Widodaren make it difficult to take holy water in the spring because of steep slopes Widodaren.
Because of the difficulty was, the meditated Pandito to Sang Hyang Wasa Widhi Widodaren around the mountain to get a clue where splashing fountain Widodaren lead. Revelation came down, the Pandito get the splash of water Widodaren revelation leads to Malang. Because of the breadth of Malang, Pendito Mangliawan took the hill as a place to meditate. Mangliawan village name comes from the story of Ramayana puppet, with a sub-theme of Hanuman. Not just a figment of Hanomannya, in this Wendit Water Park there are several species of apes (or monkeys) that inhabit it. After the meditation didapatilah springs coming out and flowing, so called Wendito or Wendit until now
After the spring Wendit, diutuslah some royal courtier of the Tengger tribe with some monkeys to keep the spring, and until now the monkeys remain stable. Some believe that the local belief that the water comes from springs Wendit as sacred and magical as efficacious in the Bromo Widodaren springs and spring Sempu Island in South Malang. The property that is believed to be able to heal the disease, lightly mate, easy sustenance and youthful.
Some history of handling an ever recorded is Wendit Pesanggrahan and Baths are equipped with tennis courts and planted with oak and pine forests that resemble little the Dutch colonial times.
Age of Japan's population, Wendit neglected and damaged. Entering the year of the Revolution until the 1960s, the Defense Base Wendit a warrior. In the years 1960 to 1970, Wendit administered by the Veterans of War.

Giant gates (Buto) are well known and unchanged.
Early 1980s, Wendit taken over by the Government of Malang Regency as tk.II Attractions and managed by the service work Umum.Tahun 1975, Wendit transformed as Regional Owned Company managed by Yasa and Regional Services into the tourism sector and income for surrounding residents.
After experiencing a massive pemungaran ronavasi and arrangement within the meaning and development of the tourism prospects of Malang Regency, Park Air Wendit be taken into account their presence in the city of Malang tourism business. Recreational parks and baths Wendit, providing Swimming Pool (natural and artificial) are widespread, both for adults and children alike, Paddle Boat, Water Technology in the form of waves and Outdoor Swimming Flow, Waterboom, Car bombs; Worm Coaster, Carousel and Bikes Water, Restaurant, Restaurant Floating, or Cafeteria Food Centre, Performing Music, Outbound, Spa, Cottage and lined up unique souvenir shops hawking Wendit.
Wendit baths to the north.
Gateway to the Swimming Pool.
Swimming Pool Wendit.
This park has a unique event in every month of Shawwal. Where the theme park filled with visitors who want to celebrate until the day Ketupat Fitri holiday. Usually by holding a variety of entertainment and bring well-known artists (of 1 s / d 11 Shawwal).

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