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Gunung Bawakaraeng ,Indonesia.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

hy all ....?
how are you all? happy to travel? will soon be off. if you are preparing your travel plans?
for this time I will give a cuku yangg interesting sights to visit.

Bawakaraeng mountain, is located in georafis Gowa district, with a height of 2.830m above sea level to the summit of this mountain can be done from multiple pathways, including: Lembanna pathway that is also located in Gowa district, and the path Tassoso 'located in the district of Sinjai.

Lembanna located in the North Sea peak Bawakaraeng, precisely in Gowa regency, district, or better known High Muzzle Malino tourist areas. Lembanna in the township, there is a row of houses which are often used by climbers to stay. The locals famous for its hospitality, so the easy familiarity with the climber established.

Tassoso Hamlet 'is located in North-East summit of Mount Bawakaraeng, precisely in Sinjai district. With soil and weather conditions that support, the local people to choose farming as a source of livelihood.
According to locals, Bawakaraeng derived from the word "Bawa" meaning mouth, and "Karaeng" which means God, so Bawakaraeng means "Mouth of God", for a small population of Gowa believe that by doing the climb to Mount Bawakaraeng, it is the same as doing trip to the Holy Land, which is termed Haji Bawakaraeng.
Flora is located on Mount Bawakaraeng, including: orchids, edelweiss, ferns, pandanus, rattan, and other lichens.

From the summit of Mount Bawakaraeng, Makassar city skyline could be seen at night.
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