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Gunung Palung ,Indonesia.

Friday, May 4, 2012

hy ....
I've seen post that last night?Suku Alas
ok well this time we are going to travel to a mountain.
want to know more clearly?
Mountain Trench area gazetted as a National Park on March 24, 1990, with an area of ​​90 000 ha. The region is geographically located at 1000 '- 1020' S and 1090 00 '- 1100 24'BT, and the surrounding district administration Sukadana, Simpang River Downstream and Laur Ketapang District, National Park Mountain Trench Area, has a very diverse topography. Start gently sloping topography, especially in coastal areas (O m asl) to the steep topography reaches a height of 1116 m above sea level. These conditions allow the presence beranekaragaman vegetation types, ranging from forest vegetation to the Coast Mountains on forest vegetation.
Palunga Mountain National Park falls within the scope of work Sub Natural Resources Conservation Center of West Kalimantan.

Mountain Trench to the National Parks of the West Kalimantan Provincial Capital can be reached in several ways:
A. Through Ketapang
Of Pontianak - Ketapang can dtempuh by plane for ± 1 hour or with a motor boat (Express) for 6 -7 hours.
The journey continues from Ketapang to Sukadana with a passenger bus or taxi vehicle for 2 hours.
Then from the National Park Sukadana to the location can be reached by longboat (motorized long boat motor) the rainy season or dry season when the canoe use.
2. Through the Gulf of Melano
Of Pontianak - Gulf Melano can be reached by speedboat (± 4 hours) through the Rasau Jaya or by motorized boat for 10 hours. Furthermore, from the Gulf of Melano can go directly to the location of Trough Mountain National Park by boat or canoe.

Natural resources that make this region a special attraction is the presence of a complete ecosystem type. Forest vegetation types ranging from beach, Mangrove Forest (brackish), Peat Swamp Forest, lowland forest to forest vegetation peaks. In each type of ecosystem is inhabited by beranekaragaman of wildlife, including groups such as primates: the Orangutan (Pongo pygmaeus), Klempiau (Hylobates moloch), proboscis monkey (Nasalis larvatus), Seaman (Presbytis rubicunda) and long-tailed monkey (fascicularis Mcaca ). These animals are often found ditajuk-canopy.

Other types of animals can also be found as Slow Loris (Nycticebous coucang), hordes of bats (Rhinolopusluctus sp), Bats (Pteropus vampirus), Large Squirrels (Ratufa offinis), Squirrel (Callosciurus nofatus), Honey Bear (Helarctos malayanus), Deer ( Muntiacus muncak) hare (Tragulus napu). Class of Reptiles, there is a crocodile (Crocodylus sp), Lizard (Varanus sp), Tortoise (Tortoidae) and Turtle (Careta careta).

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