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Kopi Solong,Banda Aceh,Indonesia.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

2 days after my post about the mountains and islands. Pulau Lengkuas
there is nothing wrong this time I will post about culinary tourism is not it??
ok culinary tour this time, we would go to Aceh.
want to know more??
One more coffee blend with a distinctive aroma and flavor that you should enjoy if you visit to Aceh. With a strong fragrance at a time to enjoy this coffee menberikan sensation that will make the mind feel fresh again. His name Solong coffee, which can only be enjoyed in the Public Service Coffee Dad, better known by the name of Solong Coffee Shop. Which is located in the Ulee Kareng, Banda Aceh. This shop is classified as an old coffee shop is now run by H. Nawawi. Solong coffee that has been around since 1974, is a coffee concoction kriasi Mr. Ahmad Solong results. Solong coffee blended and served in a unique way, and continues to be maintained until now. Assorted Snacks Aceh Made from coffee beans grown in selection of land Gayo. This choice of coffee beans are then ground with a mixture of egg whites, make coffee Solong give a distinctive smell and bitter taste sensation felt when touching the tongue is quite thick. To offset the bitter taste, a variety of snacks such as Aceh typical layer cake or fried foods can be a choice to eat. But you still have to control themselves and have to pay attention to the dose of enjoying the taste of coffee, because coffee consumption is not without effect.
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