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Museum Jawa Ullen Sentalu ,Indonesia.

Friday, May 18, 2012

hy all?
last night we talked about culinary tourism ..Paniki Manado .
this time we will make a new sights yan is about the museum ....
if you like the museum tour?
Ullen Sentalu save a myriad of interesting stories that had been buried within the walls of the palace of Yogyakarta and Solo. Museum of Javanese culture Ullen Sentalu located in the Ground, Lahore, DIY. Sentalu Ullen name stands for a fairly well-known adage in the Java language ulating Blencong sejatine tatarane lumaku (lamp life).
So named because this museum is established in order to be a "lamp" for the Java community simply can not forget the rich history. The museum was founded in the 1980's by Ulating Blencong Foundation, a foundation that aims to preserve tradition while simultaneously recording the history of the palace in Solo and Yogya.

Its establishment, the museum should only be visited by family court. Then in 1997 the museum opened to the public. When opened not many people know of the existence of this museum. Because it was originally intended for public consumption, the museum is located in an area that is somewhat difficult to reach, located on the hill, while there is only one marker path to this museum, printed letters in bookmark and even then had begun to fade so it is difficult to read.

To enter, the costs are relatively expensive. The museum set up a rate of  Rp 15,000 for school and university students, and  25.000 to the public. While foreign tourists have to pay the Rp. 50,000 to get into this museum. However, the amount of money needed is very commensurate with the services provided to the museum. No matter how small a group, the museum provides a guide to guide every entourage.

Museum is divided into seven major sections: Heating Welcome, Guwo Selo Giri, a basement with a similar architecture Gothic architecture, Kampung Kambangan (or village on the water), Garden, as well as a gallery named Academic Djagad Modern Art Gallery.

Kambangan village is divided into several small rooms: Rooms Tinneke, Paes Ageng Yogyakarta Rooms, Rooms Vorstendlanden Batik, Batik coastal and Designated Non Gusti Nurul.

The first room, room Welcome, a kind of space "heating" which gives a rough idea to the visitors of the museum as a whole neighbor. Nicely laid out room with a little dim lighting. In one corner it was a picture of mother Hartini, the fourth wife of the President

The next room Guwo Selo Giri, displaying pictures of the royal figures who stand out. In this room visitors also got the small stories of interest such as how Hamengkubuwono IX used to be called Prince Hengky by her landlord. Or Pakubuwono 12 are also often called Bobby by Dutch friends.

The other toward the museum, village or neighborhood Kambangan on the water, visitors will be invited to enter into a small room. One is the room Gusti Nurul. This room displays photos Gusti Nurul in a variety of ages, as well as the items she used while still in the palace.

Gusti Nurul grown into a beautiful and intelligent girl, also did not hesitate to express his opinion. There is much to admire this one daughter, President Sukarno was one of them. He was so stunned at the princess, to the extent that when he was invited to Vila Cipanas Gusti Nurul, she specifically asked the painter to immortalize Basuki Abdullah Gusti Nurul figure in the painting. The painting was then displayed in the work room at Vila Cipanas Soekarno.

Another thing that is very special, Gusti Nurul was the first woman to be firmly rejected polygamy. Because of this strict view of Gusti Nurul was going to get married at the age of thirty years. Gusti Nurul currently has eighty-six years of living in London.

Kambangan village still has a few other rooms that are specifically talking about batik. While the last room, room Paes Ageng, featuring bridal wear, and paintings related to the usual wedding was held in the empire.

To comfortably around the entire room in this museum takes about an hour. Visitors will get the full story about the various objects and characters that have been attracted to color in the history of the palace of Yogyakarta and Solo.

Once satisfied mengelingingi whole point of the museum, visitors are usually asked to sign the guest book while you were treated to a special drink with flavors of ginger that was warm in the throat when sipped. The herb is made with a secret recipe that is often taken the princess palace. That said, this herb is efficacious ageless.

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