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Museum Radya Pustaka,Indonesia.

Friday, May 25, 2012

after last night we read the story from our friends ..
I will now invite you to go visit a museum that is in Java.
want to know more about this museum.


Radya Museum Library is located at Jalan Slamet Riyadi, Sriwedari Complex in the heart of the city of Surakarta. Radya Museum Library is the oldest museum in Indonesia, this museum was established on October 28, 1890. In this place there is a statue of a respected public figure Ranggawarsito Java, the statue was unveiled by the Bung Karno on November 11, 1953. Many ways you can do to look at the history of Indonesia, one of them by visiting the Museum Radya this library, you can be a lot of study of the history of this nation. Many objects that are dimuseum history, ranging from shadow puppets and puppet bebet, stone statues and bronze statues of Hindu and Buddhist era, a collection of ancient dagger, teradisional weapons, ancient books, past a set of gamelan, a collection of ceramics, and other historical items that have a high cultural value.

Radya Museum Library consists of some of the main room. You'll find a collection of perwayangan, ranging from puppet Purwo, gedhog puppet, puppet show, puppets and puppet masks distinguished road, you will also find a couple of weapons such as mini-sized cannon, and sculptures made of wood. Dimuseum is also an indoor miniature artifacts, you can find a miniature mosque Demak and miniature tombs of the kings of Mataram Imogiri. Inside the Museum Radya this library you will find a library, a library in the museum already has a collection of ancient books by about 2000 seeds, which are dimuseum this book is most are donations from donors-donors. You can learn more at this museum.

You will smell the incense and incense in a room that contained artifacts named Kyai Rajamalan, Kyai Rajamalan believed Radya Library museum keeper, of the opinion that at night-night in particular, objects that are part of the decoration of this vessel was given incense and incense, so as not to interfere This dimuseum visitors.

To get into this museum you will dikendakan cost Rp. 2500 / person. If you're on vacation area of ​​Surakarta and Yogyakarta, it would not hurt if you come to this museum to see objects - artifacts Indonesia and learned a lot in it.
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