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Paniki,Manado ,Indonesia.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

hey ...... after last night's talk about Pulau Pasir
I do not have long to post on a culinary tour ....
ok this is a great opportunity because I was hungry so we post about culinary tourism alone.
ok let's follow the same shared the following article ..
It seemed to have no end when we try to talk about the culinary riches that exist in Indonesia, from Aceh to Papua, all have tremendous culinary diversity. In Indonesia kia can find culinary-based "natural" as well as culinary-based "not fair" or can be said culinary extreme. Previously I had to bring skewers caterpillar in Papua and now I will try to present the other extreme culinary culinary Manado but now, his name is Paniki.

Maybe for some people when the question comes to culinary Manado Manado porridge first, whereas in Manado there are other culinary named Paniki. Paniki itself is the name for kalelawar, so Paniki is a meat-based dishes kalelawar. Usually before the cooking fuel kalelawar in advance to remove their feathers.

When we are in Manado will very easily find Paniki this, in the traditional markets Paniki lot that will be sold if it can be a variety of dishes. So for those of you who like extreme culinary taste is worth a try. For those outside Manado erada we can find extreme is culinary in Manado typical diner is now widely available, especially in big cities.

But for some people this Paniki in law and should not be forbidden to eat, all up to you because you definitely know more than me about haram or halal laws, if I did not want to try it in horror and I am not convinced by the halalannya. I am here just to share about how rich Indonesia

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