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Pantai Batukaras ,Indonesia

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Woow today I will post 2 arikel that I get from other travel friends
because I was interested to post their stories in my blog.
and increase knowledge for us all.
ok if you read my post last night? namely on the coast and the tribes in Aceh.
Just want to click the title below.
Pantai Krakal
Suku Gayo

Batukaras beach
By banghendri
Batukaras beach is one of the coastal attractions around Pangandaran. Batukaras located in the village, district Cijulang, West Java. A common path is usually passed through the Beautiful Pangandaran beach approximately ± 38 KM to the east. But slightly different from the path my adventure with the wife this time.
Saturday, March 24, 2012. Departure at about 06:30 from the residence-in-law in Malangbong, Garut. Batukaras to the beach but with an unusual route.
The journey is quite busy but still well up to the Cikoneng, Kudat. Later in the area turn right towards the direction of Manonjaya, Tasikmalaya. Cikoneng path to Manonjaya, quite crowded streets to the road conditions are not too wide to make us be more careful.

Then successively passed through the area Salopa, Cikatomas and Cikalong. Through this area should be ready over hundreds of turns, fortunately with a smooth road conditions. The route is suitable for those who like cornering.
Of Cikalong, new real adventure begins. Travel to Batukaras still about 40 KM again. But the road kondiri ± 32% were severely damaged.
Almost all the way up to the Kalapa Genep dominated sand trucks. Perhaps this condition that makes the roads were badly damaged. Again, still no luck cuara was sunny. Unimaginable through this pathway with kondiri wet roads.

With the remnants of power has begun to run out through the broken lines. Finally, about 27 KM last met also with smooth asphalt. Was very enjoyable to struggle before it's sock drawer.

At around 11:30. Only by paying an entrance fee of Rp 6000, - for both, finally arrived at Batukaras Coast region. Apparently the area is already crowded enough.
Batukaras beach
Because it is not too happy with the crowd. Time to find good spots are more quiet. With his wife as a command that has four times been to this area.
A little hill climb on the right side of the beach. We are going to feel how beautiful our motherland.
Waves collide with coral kokohnya
Small cave in the cliff side
Its beauty is also enjoyed by surfers
Quite content to enjoy the beach on this side. Time to go back to the center keramaiannya. But the atmosphere was fairly quiet than before. Maybe they're quite happy to play the water. Although there are still some people who are feeling the sensation of water sport Batukaras this style.

Quite happy to play here. Further to the west coast. Fairly quiet location, just look a few fishermen who are active.
It was quiet, away from noise
This location is actually where berlabuhnya some fishing boats. It's only natural if it is as lonely.
Do not feel the clock is showing 2:30 pm. When he returned to the house-in-law. Before looking for home track, disempatkan moment to see the conditions around Green Canyon or Cukang Taneuh designation of local people. Wow ... fantastic so hectic.

Do not want to linger as it is not part of the original plan. Immediately find another route information to the local people.

Return path is slightly different to the left, from the direction we headed straight Cijulang Cikatomas without passing Cikalong first. Little hope that the road will go through pretty good.

But fate willed it turns out the other. Cijulang path to Cikatomas probably about 70% of ± 40 KM, damaged. Again offroad skill with heavy motors were tested again

After almost 2.5 hours a tiring journey, arrived in the area kondiri Cikatomas with a more humane way. Next trip to the city of Tasikmalaya is quite smooth.

With sidikit remaining strength, at about 8:30 pm finally arrived safely at home-in-law. Really happy to be able soon unwind.

Really nice right ?? want visit this one ?? nice story from our frends. Thank You :D

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