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Pantai Indrayanti ,Indonesia.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

good evening.
I posted an article was active at night because I had a job during the day ...
understand the real world, a lot that needs to be done.
ok this time we will go to a beach after a night of my post Telaga Warna
let us consider the following info.

Indrayanti beach is located in the coastal districts Sundak Tepus Gunungkidul district. White sandy beaches that extend from East to West is relatively new and quite beautiful. In addition to beautiful, the beach is quite clean, as this beach managers to impose fines on any visitors if caught littering.

Manager provides several pieces jetsky beach can be rented by visitors to the beach to enjoy the beauty of the beach from the other side, besides the pleasure berjetsky fun of course. After berjetsky, visitors can play on the shore of sea water while playing and enjoy the waves that swept the beach or it could be sunbathing.

On the west side of the entrance to the beach, there are mountains of rock big enough and beautiful. Behind the rock is there a white sandy beach that is wide enough.

Tired of playing in the water and sunbathing, guests can relax in the gazebo at the edge of the beach while enjoying a meal with a drink of cool cool.

Beach managers also provide a place of lodging for groups or families, so that visitors can relax on the beach while enjoying a night on the beach.
  - Cottage Accommodation
  - Bathroom
  - Gazebo - Gazebo
  - Pondok Stage

Food & Beverage:
  - Chicken Fried / Grill
  - Fish Grill / Fry
  - Young Coconut Ice
  - Orange Ice

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US$ 133
one night

Location: Bali, Indonesia
Customer Satisfaction 79 %

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