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Pegunungan Meratus ,Kalimantan,Indonesia.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

a few hours ago I was posting Pegunungan Schwaner
and now I will mempsoting on the mountain as well.
let's follow my article this time ..
This mountainous part of the 8 districts in South Kalimantan province, namely: Upper Middle River (HST), the Upper North River (HSU), the Upper South River (HSS), Tabalong, Kotabaru, Tanah Laut, Banjar and Tapin.

Meratus mountains are forested areas that could be classified as a low mountain forests. The area has high biodiversity with some of the dominant vegetation, among others: White Meranti (Shorea spp), red meranti (Shorea spp), Agathis (Agathis spp), Kanari (Canarium and Diculatum BI), Nyatoh (Palaquium spp), Medang (Litsea sp), Durian (Durio sp) Gerunggang (Crotoxylon arborescen BI), Kempas (Koompassia sp), Maggots (Quercus sp).

Position of the upstream forest area most of the Watershed (Watershed) making this very important region for South Kalimantan province as a water catchment area. On the other hand the condition of the land slope is quite steep and erosion-sensitive soils makes it have a value of susceptibility (Fragility) high. With the above considerations and also a convenience function environment (amenities) for downstream communities, the forest cover is satusatunya option, so the Meratus Mountains forest area should be maintained as a protected forest and away from damage.

Based on land cover types Meratus Mountains region can be divided into three, namely: Forest
Highlands (+ 11 345 ha), Forest Mountains (+ 26 345 ha) and no Productive Dryland (8310 + ha). While based on the observation of the ocular, the majority of land uses around the protected forest area of ​​cultivation is Meratus Mountains, secondary forest to scrub and plantation.

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