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Pulau Lengkuas,Bangka Belitung ,Indonesia.

Friday, May 11, 2012

wooooww nice day for post today ...
last night i post about Mountain Meratus
now i will sahre about island .......
Let's go
"Small, less than one hectare area .. but come and see for yourself with your eyes, beautiful amazing friend! Sometime you should come here!" That's the answer from a cyber friend when I asked about Galangal Island .. This island is located in the province of Bangka - Belitung, exactly included in the administrative area Sijuk District, Islands District.
Bangka province - a province Islands archipelago consists of two major islands, the island of Bangka, and Billiton Island [State Warriors of the Rainbow], as well as hundreds of other small island .. overall total of approximately 470 islands, and only about 50 inhabited islands.

Galangal own island inhabited by three human friendly lighthouse keeper. yes, on this island there is a beacon of Dutch heritage. built in 1882 and still serves to this day .. Currently, other than as a guide marine traffic, the lighthouse is also a major attraction on the island of galangal. from the top of the lighthouse, tourists can enjoy the exotic scenery of granite rocks which separates the island of white sand beach with blue sea Galangal is so clear.

Galangal is a perfect blend of island beauty of the beach .. green trees that grow naturally, grains - grains of sand is sparkling white by the sun, and granitic rocks that looked so majestic blue sea limit .. everything looks perfect with shades of bright sky. no wonder the island has become one of the provincial tourism icon islands of the Pacific Islands.

Access: Galangal transportation to the island can be accessed from Tanjung Binga. Tanjung Binga - Galangal is about 30 to 40 minutes by boat, canoe rental rates range from Rp 350,000 - Rp 400,000 per ship. Galangal can also towards the island of Cape Kalayang, but the distance traveled is much less than Bobby

Facilities: for lodging, resort, etc.. Galangal the nearest island is only in the Pacific Islands. so if you want to stay on the island of galangal, we should bring a tent and get permission from the man the lighthouse.

Other: not far from the island of galangal, there is a no less beautiful island is Bird Island, so called because the island is filled with granite rocks and the light is one of the granite rocks on the beach looks like a bird. Galangal is usually tourists who will come to the Bird Island when the trip home.
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