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Rabeg ,Banten ,Indonesia.

Monday, May 28, 2012

hy all ....
how are you?
sorry for 3 days I did not post because I was sick situation ..
so i need a break and now I just give the story of our friends that I will post here ...
because I can blog him when blogwalking and I hope this information useful.
I will post as usual .... because my situation is getting better.

If you visit Metro Manila, feels incomplete if you do not taste the typical dishes of food to the sultan of Banten. Residents called the Arab-acculturation of food by name rabeg Banten.
The main raw materials are the meat and goat offal or wedhus :).

Spices of the most prominent is the ginger and pepper, to taste a little red pepper. Understandably, the first Bantam was known as a producer of pepper. To the extent there is an area called Pamarican, central storage and sale of pepper in the past. It lies to the north of the palace complex, close to Bandar Jakarta.

Spicy taste that can treat dizziness after sunbathe around Metro Manila. Do not worry about the blood pressure rises because it is usually also provides a diner or a pickled cucumber salad to accompany rabeg menu.

According to some natives attack, a special meal Palace rabeg Banten. However, rabeg now a typical menu society, especially Serang and Cilegon, which is usually served during parties and events of salvation, especially the birth of a child akikah salvation.

Currently, rabeg also a menu of food served in a shop or restaurant. Kinda hard to find rabeg because there are only few specialized restaurants rabeg in Attack.
One was in the fringe area, Road Attack-Cilegon, right in front of the prison attack. In front of the diner says, "Typical Rabeg Attack".

Menu rabeg also prevalent sold at food stalls typical Sunda-Banten, one mother at a restaurant in the number of Hajj Ciceri, Attack. Every day food stalls provide rabeg menu for Rp 7,000 for a single serving.

Should be less keen to find a place to eat that provides rabeg menu. Look for the diner who put the words "RABEG" on the front, like a diner in Lopang area, near the Old Market, Attack,
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