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Teh Kayu Aro

Monday, May 7, 2012

wooow the end of the end of my very spirit of posting articles to us all.
 I posted last night  about Danau Gunung Tujuh and this time switched to a tea gardens in Indonesia.
we just browse ..

when asked what tea connoisseurs of the best teas in the world, the answer may vary with calls from top brands such as British English Ty.phoo of pursed again when they answer it appears the name of Kayu Aro, Kerinci, Jambi Province.
They will oust Kayu Aro tea the best in the world. But do not expect to get subscribed to the noble families of Europe were in Indonesia, including in Edinburgh. The best quality or Grade 1 only sold in Europe, while the product is sold in Indonesia just a mix of Grade I, II, III.

Aro the timber plantation manager, Usman Efendi Coal, through the Public Relations PTPN VI, Unit Production Kayu Aro, Afrizal, said there are several reasons why the quality of Grade 1 was not circulating in Indonesia.
The first of course as prices are very high quality Grade 1, which is 2.89 dollars per kilo, so it can not be affordable by most Indonesian people, especially the Kerinci as tea-producing region.
Both the lovers in Indonesia is still very minimal, because the drinking culture still far less than the coffee culture.
"The quality of Grade 1, made from best bud, It was very thick at the tip of the tongue, while drunk, it feels much longer stay in the mouth. In addition the colors are very attractive, if put into a glass, will look orange. The Grade 1 without dregs and dust, the water is really clear and clean, "said Oyung, Afrizal familiar greeting.
While the tea quality Grade II and III, it was certainly very different because of their raw materials are also distinguished, made from a mixture of leaves and stems, the color is not attractive when compared with grade 1 quality.
"A brand that is packaged in the UK and Brunei, which is the main raw material is wood aro Ty.Phoo, worth about 1.8 pack size of 1 pound sterling? 4 kg," he said.
Just a note Ty.phoo is the world's leading companies from the UK. The company supplies its products to the world's royal families, including the British royal family, Queen Elizabeth II. The company was founded in 1903 by John Jr.
Dutch royal family is also a loyal customer of The Kayu Aro, ranging from the generation of Queen Wilhelmina, who ruled at the time of Colonizing Dutch Indonesia, until the offspring such as Queen Juliana and Queen Beatrix of the ruling at this time.
In fact, he says, do not drink the Queen Beatrix of The Kayu Aro if not
The timber aro also a favorite in Germany and the former Soviet state, and some Arab countries
So what are the advantages of The Kayu Aro?

Oyung said excess aro sense of the wood produced from a height of land to grow the place, the better the quality. The plantation timber estates aro indeed is the widest stretch of the duna reach 2,624,69 hectares. Terndah plantations at an altitude of 1.400 masl, and the highest land is located at an altitude of 1700 masl.
The Aro plantation timber was opened in 1925 by the Dutch company NV HVA (Namlodse Venotchhaaf Handle Veriniging Amsterdam). The first plantings began in 1929 and the factory didirkan in 1932. in one day, plantation timber aro the average yield of 80 tons of wet leaves. "Processing of the wood scent, from the time the Dutch have never changed, even though hundreds of years old, but the engine is still maintained. This treatment is traditionally and without colorants and preservatives, "said Young.
In addition, the Kayu Aro plantations provide jobs for the citizens, namely by employing 1865 employees.
The processing activity lasted for 22 hours, the longest process is the longest process is the process of withering, which takes up to 18 hours,

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