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Telaga Merdada,Indonesia.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

2 days before I was busy posting on a culinary tour that is, Kopi Solong and Sea Food
This time I'll post the one Lake and Tomorrow i will post again but same topic .
want to know what?
With an area of ​​15 ha lake Merdada has a special attraction because it is surrounded by cliffs and hills that sloped down to the edge of feet of water. To the east there are barracks and Carica mushroom cultivation and the surrounding area used for agriculture.Once upon a time there in the story of a puppet who berputera three sage Gautama the twin sons and daughters Guwarsi Guwarso and Anjani, twin sons love to hunt deer that will be
given to her sister. One time Dewi
Anjani bead reflect and see cupu Astagina (semcam cup belongs to God) the third son of Rishi Gautama eventually fight each other eventually cupu beads are thrown by the sage Gautama who can catch it but he is entitled to have the bottom of the cup (merdadi) fell and became Merdada lake because the fatigue of her three children into the lake to cool the body but when it came out of their faces turned into apes. From here they realize the greedy attitude in each of them so decided to meditate and devote all abilities to others.
There is a lake near the lake Merdada dringo and Nila lake which in 1979 had the disaster of toxic gas eruption and earthquakes up to the village and Kapucukan Simbar that killed 149 people.
Merdada lake is the largest lake in Dieng Plateau Area Tourism approximately 25 hectares with a depth of 2-10 meters. Formerly Lake Merdada a volcanic crater which was then filled with water / lava.
Merdada Lake area is often used for camping, as well as conditions allow, Lake Merdada has stunning natural beauty. There are many pine trees found around the lake merdada, also several species of birds.

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