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Telaga Pengilon,Indonesia

Monday, May 14, 2012

I posted last night about Telaga Merdada,Indonesia.
and now I am going to post about a nice lake to visit and unique ...
want to know what??

Pengilon lake, a lake which is located south of Lake Colours and become one of the mainstay attractions in the Dieng Mountains. Lake Pengilon sights are a package deal with lake colors.
As the name implies Pengilon lake has extremely clear water color. Etymologically the name "Lake Pengilon" (taken from the Java language = ngilo, in Indonesian = mirror) Due to water clarity in Lake Pengilon, anchored by a myth. Ie if someone mirrored in the lake Pengilon who are good / noble will look handsome or beautiful, and vice versa if there are evil-minded person to reflect on the lake Pengilon it looks ugly. Part of the Dieng still believe Pengilon lake as a mirror the contents of one's heart.

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