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Typical Sea Assorted Culinary Preparations From Kepulauan Bangka Belitung

Saturday, May 12, 2012

I just update about culinary tourism in Aceh ... that is Kopi Solong
and this time we will go towards the Pacific Islands to look for a culinary tour of the famous over there ..
we just read together the following article.

Islands of the Pacific Islands, the dominant province in the region consist of areas of the oceans, making this area makes a variety of different lautsebagai results are typical of processed products. Variety of processed sea products typical culinary Pacific Islands, the dried squid, dried fish, sea worms or Wak-Wak dried, dried shrimps, snails Gung-gung, Sea Cucumber, Shark Fins, Rusip, Kecalok, Pekasem. Anekamakanan then processed marine products such as bridge, Kempelang, Kericu, Crackers, Sambel environment, Paste, brains, Empek-empek, Lakso, Bergo and Pantiau. Of the many other processed sea islands of the Pacific Islands dimilikioleh, there is one culinary cuisine khastradisional become famous. The cuisine is Lempah Yellow. Lempah lists different types of foods that are typical and a main meal in the family danmasyarakat, also a food and religious ceremonies. Yellow Lempah Dalamtradisi Pangkalpinang society called Sepintu Sedulang, sesuatudikerjakan all together, usually before a big celebration pekerjaanatau or after working together, cooking Lempah Yellow adalahlauk main dishes are cooked together and eaten together - together. Besides itudisajikan also Lempah Lempah Army or Three Seasonings (Paste or belacan, CabeRawit and salt as a condiment) used as a complementary side dishes. Daribumbu used with the composition of the three ingredients above describes bahwamasyarakat Pangkalpinang Pacific Islands are a practical people sertatidak complicated, really appreciate the time, efficient and economical. To makananpelengkap usually served at noon in Cacak for menghilangkandahaga cake as a snack or a thirst for coffee and tea companion.
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