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Nagari Tuo Pariangan, West Sumatera,Indonesia.

Friday, June 1, 2012

after we talked last night talk about that in Aceh in Sumatra. that is, Sungai Alas ,Aceh ,Indonesia. this time as well as these attractions are located in Sumatra, but in western Sumatra. ok well just let us refer to the following tourist info.

This time the discussion about a village located on the slopes Marapi, which stores a variety of beauty, historic sites, and hot baths. Local people often refer to these villages as Pariangan. Why would I discuss it? because this is the Ambo grew up in Nagari. Pariangan the villages in the district Pariangan,

Tanah Datar regency, Barat.Nagari Sumatra province is located on the slopes of Mount Marapi which has fertile agricultural land. Here there are also several tourist attractions including thermal baths, tombs length Dt. Tantejo Gurhano, stone tunggku sajarangan Tigo, saruang hall, Tower House is still preserved, and much more. In the district is among the best in keeping the traditional house called Tower House, so that until now there's also a well-maintained.

In the villages it is still found mosque, which is still a place for the youth to learn the Koran. At the center of these villages still stands a large mosque trasional expected already in the beginning of the 19th century, around the mosque area, there are hot spring baths are still used today. Each bath also has its own name, no name rangek tujuah, rangek gaduang, rangek Ilia, rangek Subarang, and so forth. In Pariangan there are also prehistoric grave sites Datuak Tantejo Gurhano length. H

e is the architect of creation Balairu figures Sari - Tabek. This cemetery is approximately 25.5 meters, measured unuiknya this cemetery many times the size of different length that is why called the graveyard, if you do not believe please see for yourself, is located 14 km from the town of Batusangkar in Nagari Pariangan, Pariangan district.
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