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Gunung Lawu ,Java,Indonesia.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Last night we talked about the culinary and today we'll talk about a mountain.
want to know what?
but first read my first post last night Pegunungan Latimojong

Lawu not only popular with outdoors enthusiasts, but also a sacred place for pilgrims or adherents kejawen sciences. Mountain has a height of 3265 meters above sea level is visited him every week, even every 1st Suro [Javanese calendar], the pilgrims who climbed the mountain Lawu can reach thousands of people, and cause human queue up for miles feet on the path that is not too width.

Transportation access to Mount Lawu
of Malang
Kuala Lumpur - Solo [Railway Economics / Matarmaja Rp 28 000]
Solo - Tawangmangu [Bus Rp 6,000]
Tawangmangu - Cemoro Cage / Cemoro Sewu [USD 7000]
Lately, we have to go up Matarmaja had reserved tickets at least a week before departure. if it lets not take the train, we can replace the Bus
Malang - Surabaya [Bus Economy Rp 10,000]
Surabaya - Solo [Bus AC Economic Rp 30,000]
Walking track at the start of the enclosure or Basecamp Cemoro Cemoro Sewu.

Basecamp Cemoro Cage [Central Java] and Basecamp Cemoro Sewu [East Java] is about 400 meters
Cemoro Sewu have a shorter route than Cemoro cage, because it usually climbers chose to ride through Cemoro Sewu then fell in line Cemoro Cage
There is one path through the temple again Cetho [Karanganyar, Tawangmangu]. Cetho line has a long and winding route, but also presents a more beautiful sight than the two other lines ..
If passed Cemoro Sewu, almost in every post there is a stall, the most popular is the Public Mbok Yem .. is about 15-20 minutes from the summit
Lawu mountain peak called Hargo Dumilah, located at an altitude of 3365 meters above sea level
in Tawangmangu also many interesting places to visit, such as Niagara Grojogan Sewu, Temple Cetho, Sukuh, etc..

NB: if you want to climb the mountain via the Cemoro Lawu Cages or Cemoro Sewu should not carry too heavy a burden, quite Sleeping Bag, Headlamp, P3K box, 500 ml water [for travel], and Money!!, There are many stalls friend

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