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Gunung Padang ,Indonesia.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

hy all .....
happy because today I can re-update my site again to you all ...
ok let's discuss a post last night about Pulau Burung Belitung and this time we will discusses on a mountain in Indonesia. I hope this information is useful for us all.

Kab.Cianjur mountain located in Padang - West Java, precisely in the Village Karyamukti, Kec.Cempaka .. Gunung Padang busy lately following the public discussed their opinions about the ancient Pyramid hidden in it ..

It's a mystery pyramid mountain meadow is not new, since the colonial era, precisely in 1914, archaeologists from the Department of Antiquities Dutch Colonial Government have examined the sites are in the mountain .. research halted during the Japanese occupation and had "forgotten" for decades since independence.

Around the 1980s, some local villagers to report to the government about the strange rocks arranged in mysterious at Mount Padang, and since then the research begins again .. but the opinion of the piramyda in the mountains in the desert still can not verify the truth ..

Gunung Padang megalithic sites
the archaeologists concluded the site on Mount Padang megalithic culture from prehistoric times and has a function as a place of worship .. The latest news obtained from the study on June 24 to 25 yesterday, after a team of archeology and geology teams dig some point in the mountain meadow, they concluded that the megalithic sites in the mountain area was 10 times higher than Borobudur temple and built by a civilization advanced enough. . some test samples that have been demonstrated that these sites from around 11,000 years BC.

The archaeologists deny the opinion of the pyramid in the desert mountains .. nevertheless they estimate there are hidden rooms around the mountain. but more research is needed on some other points to find the gates of the site.

on the other hand, the opinion of the pyramid in the desert mountains [although it can not verify the truth] has indirectly supported the theories that say that Indonesia is a land of Atlantis actually .. Plato's heaven in the country is in the telling tale is lost by the tsunami. and some theories assume that Indonesia was the country.
Gunung Padang megalithic sites
As the sites of prehistoric cultures, Mount Padang apparently has considerable tourism potential .. this is evident from the large number of tourists visiting the mountain meadow ..

not surprising given that the site be punden rock terraces have stunning exotic beauty .. visitors will find the prehistoric period and carry over into direct contact with the megalithic culture. recent years, the department of tourism began to develop this place as one of the vacation destinations in West Java ..

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