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Pantai Serdang Belitung Timur ,Indonesia.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

hy all ... back again this time in my post on the beach. but you should let us read the first post that I posted last night Gunung Lawu.

Serdang coast of East Pacific Islands, also one of the attractions belitung east, as well as the Bathing Beaches and Coastal Birds Hill Batu.Lokasinya located approximately 1 kilometer from the center of the East Pacific Islands District Manggar.

Serdang beach is also famous for its white beaches and keindahannya.Berpasir is keisitmewaan nya.Air smooth sea was quite calm, sehingaga it is possible for anyone who wants to do an activity pool there.
When the weekend comes, almost every day, the beach is always on the go by wisatawan.Bahkan tiny fraction of those who did not come from outside the island Belitung.Disana usually tourists, did berbagaimacam activities, like swimming, playing sand beach, or just sit back under its lush pine trees that grow there.

There should also be in the know, Serdang Coast is also an ideal location to watch the sunrise aka sunrise phenomenon because it is where the beach is the pride of the community Manggar City facing East.

In terms of Photographic, Serdang Coast is also the exact location of the targeted photografer.Dengan set in white sand beaches, blue water and colorful fishing boats around the coast, would surely produce a quality object photography.
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